the Wonder of Childhood – and the Magic of 7!

the Wonder of Childhood - and the Magic of 7!

♥ the Wonder of Childhood – and the Magic of 7!

Today is my precious, beautiful, magical and wonder-full girl child’s birthday… My Sophia Rose Isabella Martin is 7! ♥

In Steiner-aware circles, this marks the entry into a different stage (the second stage) of life… where the feeling-sense predominates. ♥ In this era of childhood, the heart forces are vulnerable to exploitation or abuse, and guarding with grace and discretion is the job of parents, community and teachers.

I wish my beloved daughter the absolute best for her Life…

Shine, as only you can, Sophie-Rose! Amongst the world of butterflies, mermaids, ballerinas, princesses and fairies… shimmer and sparkle with the stars, already visible, twinkling in your very own eyes… our Fifi… we love you. Always ♥

“Kind hearts are the gardens

Kind thoughts are the roots

Kind words are the blossoms

Kind seeds are the fruits…

Take care of your garden and keep out the weeds

Fill it with sunshine

Kind words…and kind deeds…”