Candlemas – Oh The Light!

Candlemas - Oh The Light!

“A weekend for sacred ceremony. We are at the mid-point (in the Northern hemisphere) between the longest night & the Spring Equinox, marked in ancient ceremonies of Imbolc/Imbolg- celebrations of the Goddess Brighid, (who became Saint Brigid) goddess of fire & inspiration, poetry & healing, & (on Sunday) of Candlemas. It’s about nourishing the returning light & spark of life within ourselves & in the world, about consciously birthing our own lives & the world we share. I will light candles in a cauldron filled with earth, sing & drum softly to welcome new life, offer prayers of gratitude & for the unfolding of peace & sustainability within myself & in the world. May we co-create what sustains the life that feeds us all.” see