The Sage Goddess – Summoning Toolkit Giveaway, plus New Year’s INTENTIONS!

Message from Athena / The Sage Goddess –

Happy New Year to you! I hope you have been easing gently into new routines as these first weeks of 2014 unfold. I always urge people to set intentions rather than resolutions because of the subtle connotation of judgment that resolutions carry. When you resolve to do something, you create a boundary or container that can be restrictive, whereas when you intend to do something the energy is more productive and fundamentally more open, more fluid, allowing the Universe to co-create reality alongside you for your highest good.

In keeping with the theme of intention and new beginnings for this glorious new year, I created an awesome magical toolkit to summon what you seek. A hexagonal jar candle made with my Summon perfume (not available in the shop) and topped with passion flower and peacock ore (the flower and stone of attraction), a Summoning gemstone set, and my Hither attraction perfume. I’ll be giving the entire set away right here on this blog on Saturday, 1/11 (a magical date) at 5 p.m. Pacific Time. To enter, follow these two steps: 1) Share this blog post on social media (you can enter multiple times but sharing multiple places) and 2) Set a focused intention for what you wish to summon this year. Even if you don’t win, when you set your vision on a desired outcome, energies are set in motion that manifest what you seek. I believe that; in fact I base my entire magical practice on that very premise.

And so it is. Good luck everyone! I summon it for you.TheSageGoddess-giveaway01:2014

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