About Rain…


Rain Martin, B.A. (Psych), Dip.Ed.

Rainbow Remedies:

Counselor, Educator, Healing Arts:

Earth Medicine, Eco-Therapies, Energy Psychology, Expressive Arts –

Intuitive Coach and Consultant

The Green Snake and the Beautiful Lily, Homestead

18 & 19 Big Tree Lane,

Kuthumba Eco Reserve,

The Crags, Plettenberg Bay

Garden Route, South Africa

Cell: (+27) 82 77 45 911

email: rainjewelmartin@gmail.com

Skype: rain_martin

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/docmartin.rain

Twitter: rainspirit

LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/rainmartin

“enlighten, envision, enliven”


Professional memberships currently include:

Traditional Doctor’s Union of South Africa (registered Traditional Practitioner)
AAMET (EFT Level 3 Certified Accredited Practitioner)
ACEP (Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology)
ISTSS (International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies)
NICABM (National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine).
Institute of HeartMath and Global Coherence Initiative (GCI).
SAALED (South African Association for Learning and Educational Differences)

Biographical Outline:

Rain (Maryna Jeanette Johl) attended at Pinelands High School, Cape Town and graduated with full matriculation exemption in 1989.

During 1988 and 1989, Rain attended weekly art workshops in image-making (etching, lino-cuts, graphics, etc.) with Sue Williamson (well-known South African artist) at her studio in Observatory, Cape Town.

Rain matriculated 1989 (Pinelands High School, Cape Town) with English, Afrikaans (both First Language), Mathematics, Science, Geography, and Music – all taken on Higher Grade.

Community participation included:

Youth Leader (particularly within the Anglican Church under the leadership and direction of Archbishop Desmond Tutu and related student movements), Service Club leader (in projects such as assisting the elderly, visiting those confined in hospitals, or attending to the handicapped), Outdoor Club member, Music and Drama Club member (this included both back-stage and on-stage in school plays), and Sports Club member (hockey and tennis). Rain also played in the Orchestra and School Band (violin and percussion instruments) including the following: Pinelands High School band; Beau Soleil Music Centre, Chamber Orchestra (first violinist) and Symphony Orchestra member; Marianne Maclean Chamber Orchestra member, and choir member (Anglican Church choir, and various School, Concert and Eistedford performance choirs including solo performances).

In addition, Rain was an ECC (End Conscription Campaign) activist during the Apartheid years;

Rain was selected as local “exchange student” in a cultural schools exchange program over a few weeks, spending school time in Tulbagh, a rural region outside the central Western Cape, South Africa.

Rain attended the NMMU (Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, then known as the University of Port Elizabeth) for 1990; thereafter Rain transferred to Rhodes University, Grahamstown, to pursue Drama.

Rain graduated from Rhodes University in 1994. Rain’s Bachelor of Arts degree included Psychology, English, Drama, History, Sociology, Political Science, Philosophy, Afrikaans, Music (multiple instruments including voice, as extra).

Rain participated and led as a student activist in social, political and environmental spheres throughout her student years. Leadership included: Rhodes University SRC (Student’s Representative Council, Environmental Councillor and journalist) and RUSCO Chairperson (Rhodes University Student Community Organisation) and Co-ordinator for Street Children Project (Children’s Literacy Project and Masincedane Children’s Project: literacy programme, feeding scheme, and shelter).

Rain was an active member of the Mountain Club at the University, and practiced Yoga and related movement disciplines within the theatre.

(1993 to 1994) On graduation, Rain became Primary School Teacher and full-time employed Co-ordinator at Masincedane Children’s Project.

Rain also taught at St. Andrews Preparatory School (Grahamstown) for the Children’s Art Festival (Rain devised and facilitated creative activities for children during the annual National Arts Festival).

Teaching experience as a student included work at various schools, such as Forres (Rondebosch, Cape Town) and various street children shelters around Cape Town.

Rain also did observations at the Vera School (for autistic children) and Vista Nova (school for children with learning barriers and special needs).

Rain contributed as a Black Sash member and Rhodes University Woman’s Group member. During the transition from Apartheid into freedom under the new constitution, Rain served on the Peace Committee staff within the local community structures.

Rain served as Earthlife Africa representative for the University Group for Environmental Action at Rhodes (GEAR) and attended as representative on the local, regional, national, and international congresses and conferences of Earthlife Africa including protest action which was covered in the media.

Rain also facilitated and organized workshops in a community project, including drumming with local kids and street children, and organised Environmental Education programs for the schools of Grahamstown (also hosting these in a retreat scenario, at the Thomas Baines Nature Reserve, Educational Centre outside Grahamstown, in addition to Rain’s ongoing work in schools).

Rain also ran various environmental education, awareness, recycling and food gardening projects within Rhodes University, and the schools in Grahamstown and surrounds (including the local township, eRhini).

From the end of 1994 through 1995, Rain travelled around the UK, Ireland, Europe, USA, Canada, and Mexico.

Rain’s travels included training with traditional Native American medicine carriers / traditional healers (“medicine man” and shaman) as well as Medicine Woman and shamans in Europe (Mary Elizabeth Marlow, Jennifer Lynn Cline, Denise Linn and Malka Golden-Wolfe).

Rain trained in Polarity Therapy certification (Wellness Institute, New Mexico) with Roger Gilchrist – an authority on Cranial Sacral Therapy; also, Rain trained with Raymond Castellino (Birth and Attachment specialist in infants); Bruce Berger, Trauma Counselling and Dr James (Jim) Said, amongst other pioneering leaders in the field of alternative Medicine and Holistic Health today.

Rain attended an international conference on Energy Medicine at Michigan State University, June 1995 (including workshops held by Franklin Sills, and Dr Peter Levine, author of “Waking The Tiger”, “In an Unspoken voice”, pioneer and author of seminal works in the field of healing trauma).

In August 1995, Rain began practising massage therapy, aromatherapy, and polarity therapy in Observatory, Cape Town (full time).

During 1996 onwards, Rain continued training in holistic therapies (including Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology, First Aid (level II, St John’s Ambulance), Active Imagination and Dreamwork journalling circle (based on The Artist’s Way, Julia Cameron), Aura Soma (foundation and intermediary levels, as well as attending Intensives with director, Mike Booth), Color Therapy (Theo Gimbel, Gayle Friedman), Chakra Therapy, Hakomi (Body Psychotherapy), Homeopathic self-help courses, practicing Yoga disciplines, studying with Denise Linn, exploring Dream work, and training in Journey work; Rain studied Kinesiology, Applied Kinesiology, Holographic Repatterning now called Resonance Repatterning (attended full course, with founder, Chloe Wordsworth), Reiki 1, 2, and 3 (with Ben Verheijden), Flower of Life (work of Drunvalo Melchizedek), Advanced Spiritual Healing certificate course (with Steven Hudson), Meditation (Natalia Baker amongst other trainers, including the Temple Beautiful (founder member, South Africa), study group in A Course in Miracles, and study group in the teachings of Abraham-Hicks, Rebirthing and Breathwork (with various trainers including Leonard Orr (founder), Hilde Light, Ericka Allison, Lecia Sinclair (Holotropic Breathwork), Jacques Theron, and Joost Mavis (Transformational Breathwork / Inspirational Breathwork), Trance Dance and Rites of Passage training (with Frank Natale, founder), Vernon Frost, Patrick Desplace, Paul Balch, Jann Weiss, Marelna Du Plessis, Astrology training with Rod Suskin and other international experts; seminars with J. J. Hurtak, Crystal Healing (Soozie Holbeche and others), Reflexology (Chris Stormer), Diana Cooper (Angels, and self-transformation), Inner Child work, Shadow work, Sound Healing (workshops with Jill Purce, and Nestor Kornblum), Sports and Deep Tissue Massage (advanced course with Chase Webber), Tai Chi and Chi Gung training (with Chung Li Al Huang, and Dr Michael Lan), Vibrational Medicine, Flower Essence training and Perelandra “co-creative science” workshops, Geo-harmonic stress balancing and environmental clearing work (Slim Spurling and Christan Hummel), Labyrinth journeys and Mandala image-making, Life Alignment (Body Alignment Technique, Vortex, and Intensives with Jeff Levin and co.), Affirmations (Louise L. Hay), Visualisation (Shakti Gawain), Herb Gardening at St Luke’s Hospice, Organic Gardening, Permaculture training with Jeremy Burnham, Caroline Myss (medical intuition and personal / spiritual development seminars), Counselling (various courses including Life Line, Re-evaluation Counselling, and so forth).

During 1996 onwards, Rain continued training in holistic therapies;
Rain married in October 1996 and settled in Cape Town, South Africa.
Rain’s first child was born in 1997, with a natural, home, “water” birth.
Rain continued part-time practice as a Holistic Therapist.

In January 1998, Rain began training in Waldorf education (at the Centre for Creative Education) part-time, completing the Foundation Year (one year duration).

In 1999, Rain’s second child was born, again a natural, “water”, home birth.

During 1999, Rain attended the Boundaries with children, “avoiding sibling rivalry” course with Ann Cawood (author and clinical social worker) at the Michael Oak Waldorf School in Kenilworth, Cape Town.

In 2000, Rain completed a year-long Personal Development course at the Centre for Creative Education, called “Art of Being” (included Eurythmy movement practices, theatre, and a variety of expressive arts and crafts).

During 2000, Rain also trained in Biographical Counseling, Process work, and Mask-making, at the Novalis-Ubuntu Institute with participating international Personal Development leaders and Expressive Arts facilitators (this included Michael Chase from Stroud, U.K. and other Anthroposophical experts).

2000 Rain trained in “A Woman’s Way” (process oriented group work in relation to women’s issues, facilitated by Karen Rootenberg at the Centre for Creative Education).
2000 and 2001 Rain facilitated weekly “5 Rhythms” dance / movement / self expression workshops at Novalis-Ubuntu Institute, Kenilworth, alongside a consortium of colleagues.
2001 Rain completed the Brandon Bay’s “Journey Work” (including NLP) practitioner training (intensive training internationally).
2001 Rain continued with the second year-long part-time training as Waldorf Teacher at Centre for Creative Education (included Eurythmy movement training, arts and crafts).
2001 Rain completed a Certificate course in Early Childhood Development (“Baby-Care” and “Educare”) facilitated by international presenters, at The Centre for Creative Education.

2002 Continued third year-long part-time training as Waldorf Teacher at the Centre for Creative Education (included Eurythmy movement training, arts and crafts).
2002 Attended The Red Axis, international conference on global issues in child development organised by the International Alliance For Childhood, at the Goetheanum, Switzerland. Attended as representative for the Alliance For Childhood (South Africa).
2002 onwards (for a decade), listed international representative for the Alliance for Childhood (South Africa).
2002 Presented conference report-backs and workshop to the Alliance For Childhood South Africa, the Sophia Centre for Family and Lifeways, and Birthing Awareness workshops.
2002 Rain began intensive work in Jungian Psycho-analysis, art therapy and dream work (with Patrick Tummon, David Trappler and Julian Davids) which continued over several years.
2002 Began 3-year training in Philophonetics Counselling (later termed Psychophonetics, and more recently, defining the field of Psycho-development) a modality of Anthroposophically-oriented psycho-therapy taught internationally by Yehuda Tagar, of Persephone Institute.

2003 Continued training in Psychophonetics, with weekly small group practice.
2003 Completed Certificate in Human Development and Communication Skills (Counselling) at Persephone College International.
2003 Image-making (art) workshops with Jill Trappler, South African artist.
2003 Course on Imago-Therapy.
2003 Core group (ongoing) member of the Sophia Centre for Family and Lifeways (based at the Constantia Waldorf School)
2003 Third child born, home birth.
2003 Fire destroyed home.

2004 Certificate course completed, in La Stone Therapy.
2004 Participated in an action initiative and study group on “changing a bullying culture” with Tessa Lovemore.
2004 Attended multiple workshops on free Play (for all ages) with Fred Donaldson (author and international play expert).
2004 Rain participated in ongoing training, research, and contributions in the field of Child Development (specifically on the Autistic Spectrum Disorders, and Sensory Integration issues), including Kolisko Forum, Alliance For Childhood, Sophia Centre for Family and Lifeways (Constantia Waldorf School, Cape Town), and Secretary on the Persephone Institute (South Africa) Management Committee (based at Syringa Health Clinic, Cape Town with Dr Raoul Goldberg, Yehuda Tagar and colleagues).
2004 Third year of Psychophonetics training; workshop with Stan Lipschitz (Process-oriented Psychologist and Traditional Healer)
2004 Persephone Circle, facilitator (monthly Woman’s Therapy / Process work Group)
2004 Psycho-phonetics student practitioner, at Syringa Health Clinic.
2004 and 2005 practicing Psychophonetics at Baphumalele Place of Safety in Khayelitsha, Cape Town, working with child survivors of rape and sexual abuse (using “art therapy” as counseling medium).

2005 Art workshops attended with Jill Trappler (South African artist).
2005 Rain participated in The Hague Circle, International Anthroposophical Conference (in education and for educators and associated health professionals).
2005 Constantia Waldorf School, contributor on the development of a policy against “bullying” for the school.
2005 Woman Within training, U.K.
2005 Separated from life partner, Haldane Martin.
2005 Vision Quest (traditional Native American Indian process work, including intensive preparation, sweat lodges and solo time in the wilderness).
2005 Rain participated in Integral health studies at the N!au’ma Institute, with Lance Blaauw, Lorraine Odendaal, and Josi Gorfinkel. Rain’s process work (since 2002 to the present) in addition, included facilitation with sangomas Colin Campbell, Claudia Rauber, Niall Cambell, Nicky Tim, Jo Lundi Cuthell, Chief Doctor Richard Kutela and Suzinosizwe Poulsem, amongst others.
2005 Woman Within, ongoing training: Healing the Wounds of Shame (in USA, facilitated by Marlene Napper, trained by Caroline Myss).
2005 Woman For Afrika, executive committee founder member; Empowerment Circles Co-ordinator.
2005 Imhoff Waldorf School, teaching practice (Kindergarten and Playgroup).
2005 Herb Gardening with Suzanne Leighton, and Organic Gardening with Soil For Life.
2005 and 2006 Bikram Yoga practice.

2006 University of Cape Town continuing education programme, course on “Trauma, Narrative and Forgiveness” with Dr Pumla Gobodo-Madikizela (findings and workshop for sharing in the aftermath of trauma – moving on beyond the South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission).
2006 Bridging Polarities Through Art workshops, with Mirjam McLeod (St James and Kalk Bay, Cape Town).
2006 Puppet-making course with Estelle Bryer, author and international expert in early childhood development and founder of the Rainbow Puppet Theatre, Constantia Waldorf School, Cape Town.
2006 Ceremonial Talking Circle co-facilitator (ongoing hosting for groups).
2006 Rain graduated with a Diploma in Waldorf Education from the Centre for Creative Education.
2006 Birth of fourth child, by emergency caesarian.
2006 Anxiety, Stress and Trauma Management: a short course for self-empowerment, Claremont Psychology Associates
2006 Active, Practical Love (Anthroposophical training) with Tessabella Lovemore.
2006 Kenilworth Clinic, Family Programme (3 month course).
2006 Copy-editing and Proofreading certificate course with McGillivray Linnegar Associates.
2006 Participant in Living From Vision training (Visualisation and Vision Boards).

2007 Founded The Green Snake And The Beautiful Lily Project, Kuthumba Eco-village, The Crags.
2007 Playgroup teacher at the Starforest Kindergarten, term 2 (founded at The Green Snake and the Beautiful Lily Project).
2007 ACA 12-step group, House of Steps, Plettenberg Bay (group initiator, convenor and facilitator)
2007 IAAP (International Congress for Analytical Psychology) participant; “The Living Body in Analysis: Moving Journeys, Embodied Encounters” workshop in Authentic Movement for practitioners, with Joan Chodorow, Tina Stromsted (trained by Marion Woodman); presenters also included Linda Schierse Leonard (renowned author in Woman’s issues and Analytical studies).
2007 Process work with Dr Shakti Malan
2007 Rain attended a certificate course in assisting children with Neuro-Developmental Differences (Port Elizabeth)

2008 KHOA Trustees, Chairperson and Treasurer.
2008 Certificate of Recognition as a Traditional Practitioner, with the Traditional Doctors Union of South Africa (recognised by Chief Dr Richard Kutela).
2008 Council of the Elders, spiritual task group (associate and Councillor).
2008 Co- founded the Garden Route Branch of the Anthroposophical Society in the Western Cape.
2008 Participated in Sally Mackenzie and Associates training on Sensory Integration (informative studies).

2009 KHOA Trustees, Chairperson and Secretary.
2009 Participated in Sally Mackenzie and Associates course on Peaceful Parenting.
2009 Participated in Balu Nivison’s “moving art” dance and expressive arts process workshop, Plettenberg Bay.
2009 Open Wave, 5 Rhythms workshop, with Alan Alaird (Gabrielle Roth accredited dance facilitator).
2009 Reconnective Healing training (level I/II) with Dr Eric Pearl (founder) and The Reconnection (level III).
2009 Hosted Carol Surya, Raw Food Workshop at The Green Snake and the Beautiful Lily project.

2009 and 2010 Rain attended lectures and workshops with Nikki Bush, creative play expert at Oakhill School, Knysna.

2010 KHOA Chairperson, and consultant to Trustees.
2010 Attended SAALED workshops on the Autistic Spectrum, for Inclusive Education (Oakhill School, Knysna and Port Elizabeth).
2010 Elements of Health training, with Peter and Beryn Daniels (international authors and raw food experts).
2010 The Reconnection, level III re-attendance and mentorship with Julie Jara.
2010 KHOA Trustees, Chairperson and Secretary (2010 to 2011).
2010 Participated in the University of Cape Town continuing education programme on Jung, and, Astrophysics.
2010 Art (Life Drawing and Painting) classes with Charles Levin (acclaimed South African artist, and Land Art pioneer).
2010 Family Constellations workshop, with Tanya Myburgh and Jackie Planck.
2010 Family Constellations workshop with Robyn Lewis.
2010 Jillian Butterworth, CSA training and ongoing circle.
2010 Byron Katie, Do the Work programme.
2010 Process work with Dr Shakti Malan and colleagues.
2010 Hosted Dr Raoul Goldberg, presenter on Awakening to Child Health (author and Anthroposophical Medical Doctor).
2010 Participant in Creative Flow (ongoing) artistic expression and transformation workgroup, facilitated by Manya Lila (Lotus Centre, Knysna).
2010 Attended the HANDLE introductory foundation course (on techniques to promote neuro-developmental wellbeing and assist children with special needs).
2010 to 2011 Attended Biodanza, interactive dance / movement therapy workshop groups and annual gatherings.
Nov. 2010 to July 2011 Raphaeli Waldorf School Early Childhood Development (Kindergarten) teacher and College of Teachers representative.
Nov 2010 onwards, Raphaeli Waldorf School association Board member, and Raphaeli NPO company Registrar, Director and Public Officer.

2011 ongoing, Rain participated in the Dynamic Dance movement, with Dion Viljoen and colleagues (Cearn Hall, Leisure Isle, Knysna).

2011 First Aid certificate course (advanced level).
2011 Crags Rural Residents and Ratepayers Association, Executive Trustee member (2011-2013) and in addition Rain served on the Bitou Residents Alliance (BRA), assisting on the Environmental Forum portfolio, and local Safety / Security / Victim Empowerment Programme support.
2011 KHOA Trustee (2011-2012, Communications).
2011 Ongoing process work with Dr Shakti Malan, including hosting a workshop and “Bliss Dance” session at The Green Snake And The Beautiful Lily project.
2011 Jo Corbett, dancing our soul workshop, “Movement Journey of the Embodied Heart”.
2011 Brene Brown, Ordinary Courage eCourse: Lessons in Love, Shame and Worthiness.
2011 Land Art Creative Forum ideas contributor and enthusiast, Plettenberg Bay.
2011 Breathwork course and longevity exercises training in the Dangeon form of Seoun School (with Roar Sheppard).
2011 Creative Flow Circle (with Manya Lila, ongoing).
2011 Waldorf National Teacher’s Conference, “the Eye of the Needle” (Raphaeli School representative).
2011 SAISI introductory workshop on Sensory Integration for professionals, George, Western Cape.
2011 SI-EQ seminar: Emotional Intelligence and Sensory integration – the road to happier children, with Pam Tudin and Sally Mackenzie.
2011 Rape Outcry, Courage To Heal support group (ongoing).
2011 UNISA certificate course in Victim (Survivor) Empowerment and Trauma intervention Strategies.
2011 Art Counselling, workshop foundation course with Dr Jane Luck.
2011 Rain participated in an ongoing circle, training in Kabbalah/Mysticism, with Kate Forbes, Balu Nivison, Rabbi Sarah, and Alan Holton.
2011 ICDL member and online course participant in the Stanley Greenspan DIR Floortime model and other expert trainings from ICDL world leaders in early childhood development (specializing in the field of autism spectrum and children with special needs).
2011 Rain participated in online seminars with international author and expert, Dr Marshall Rosenberg, on Nonviolent Communication.
2011 Rain participated in online seminars with Tom and Sandi Randomsky in the “Ask and Receive” method.

2011 and 2012 Rain participated in the Big Think, initiative of the Floating University, daily idea-feed; pioneered by Dr Michio Kaku and other Harvard, Yale and Bard University experts, professors and leading thinkers of our time.

2011 and 2012 Rain participated in Energy Medicine seminars and online events with Donna Eden, world expert.
2011 and 2012 Rain participated in online seminars with international author and intuitive expert, Caroline Myss.
2011 and 2012 Rain participated in online seminars with international author and intuitive expert, Colette Baron-Reid.
2011 and 2012 Rain participated in online seminars with international author and pioneer of the Reconnection, Dr Eric Pearl.
2011 and 2012 Rain participated in online seminars with international author and self development expert, Dr Wayne Dyer.
2011 and 2012 Rain participated in online seminars with international authors and self development experts, Louise L. Hay and Cheryl Richardson.
2011 and 2012 Rain participated in online seminars with international author and self development expert Eckhardt Tolle.
2011 and 2012 Rain participated in online seminars with international author and self development expert Neale Donald Walsh.
2011 and 2012 Rain participated in online seminars with international author and expert Dr Jon Kabat-Zinn in Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction.
2011 and 2012 Rain participated in online seminars with international expert and author Dr Daniel Amen.
2011 and 2012 Rain participated in online seminars with international expert and author Dr Peter Levine.
2011 and 2012 Rain participated in ongoing online seminars with Maggie Phillips, international author and psychology expert.
2011 and 2012 Rain participated in online seminars with the NICABM (National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine) membership on multiple series; this included international experts and authors such as Daniel Siegel, Bessel van der Kolk, Robert Scaer, Bill O’Hanlon, Peter Levine, Daniel Amen, Allan Schore, Norman Doidge, Stephen Porges, Pat Ogden, Bruce Lipton, Belleruth Naparstek, Judith Lewis Herman, Kathy Steele, Onno van der Hart, etc.
2011 and 2012 Rain participated in the Don Miguel Ruiz Academy for Awareness online trainings.
2011 and 2012 Rain participated in online seminars with international author and cantadora, Clarissa Pinkola Estes.
2011 and 2012 Rain participated in online webinars with TAT founder and specialist, Tapas Fleming.
2011 and 2012 Rain participated in webinars with Matrix Reimprinting pioneer, international teacher and author Sasha Allenby, on advanced tools.
2011 and 2012 Rain joined the SARK WINS international collaborative for Writers (online) and participated in events with SARK, Susan Kennedy, international author and creative development expert.

2012 Rain trained in Ceremonial Design at N!au’ma (Integral Studies) with Lance Blaauw, Josi Gorfinkel, and Larain Odendaal (facilitators).

2012 Rain participated in the Move! dance workshop with Ya’Acov and Susannah Darling-Kahn (international trainers of the School of Movement Medicine) at The White House in Plettenberg Bay;

2012 Rain attended Mark Abadi workshop in The Science of Energy Medicine.
2012 Rain attended Mark Abadi workshop in Music, Vibration, Sacred Geometry and Conscious Environmental Harmonics.

2012 Rain attended FAMSA workshop on trauma (for counselors and professionals) with Jenna-Lee Procter, and Merle Friedman.

2012 Rain attended the Kundalini Yoga workshop at the Lotus Studio, Knysna, with visiting expert, Bhavini Kalan.

2012 Rain commenced studying B.Ed (Hons) in Education Management, Law and Policy (University of Pretoria, distance education).
2012 Rain commenced internationally recognised Diploma course in Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology with Essentials for Health, U.K. (ITEC).
2012 Rain commenced the international Rod Suskin Astrology School Foundation Year training.
2012 Rain commenced the international training in Totality Therapy with Dr Shakti Malan.
2012 Rain continued mentorship in the Life Alignment modality, with Arleen Hanks.
2012 Rain continued mentorship in the Reconnection and Reconnective Healing with Heather Proudfoot, international trainer and mentor for Dr Eric Pearl.
2012 Rain continued mentorship and supervision in the Psychophonetics modalities, with Yehuda Tagar and international colleagues.

2012 Rain opened as Practitioner at the Knysna Wellness Centre, Rainbow Remedies workshop and clinic.
2012 Rain transferred to the Watershed Health practice at the Boatshed on Thesen Island, Knysna.
2012 Rain maintained a workshop space in the Knysna Wellness Centre for small group work til 2014.

2012/2013/2014 Rain participated in an ongoing circle training in Kabbalah/Mysticism, with Alan Holton and others.

2012/2013 Rain continued to hold various small group workshops in the former Knysna Wellness Centre, 39 Fichat Street, Knysna.

August through September 2012, Rain participated in the Awakening Women – Yogini Circle, global women’s group – 21 day Sadhana, “Feminine Embodiment”.

September 2012, Rain participated in a few workshops hosted by Balu Nivison, with Rav Daniel (from Yeshiva in Israel), Robberg Beach, Plettenberg Bay.

September 2012, Rain graduated in the Munay Ki traditional shamanic rites and lineage.

September 2012, Rain joined the 9 month “Freedom From Pain” international webinar training series for professionals, with Dr Maggie Phillips and Dr Peter Levine.

Rain attended the Dr Maggie Phillips teleseminar with Dr Robert Scaer on “8 Keys to Brain Body Balance”, December 2012.

October to December 2012, Rain attended the Sounds True Audio, “Compassionate Brain” series, including international experts – Dr Daniel Siegel of the MindSight Institute, Dr Jean Houston, and others.

November 2012, Rain accepted position of Guardian Director for the Raphaeli School, Board of Directors.

Rain hosted “The Form – Reality Practice, by Dr Bernie Siegel” introductory workshop by Dr Shakti Mari Malan, at The Green Snake and the Beautiful Lily Project, The Crags, Plettenberg Bay (November 2012).

November 2012, Rain facilitated the CRA meeting, hosting the honorable Mayor of Bitou, to handover items which had been fund-raised by the Association to the local community initiative in crime-prevention; attended and published by the Press.

November, December 2012, Rain trained with Bennie Naude in the Garden Route – EFT level 1 and 2.

December 2012 onwards, Rain joined the amazing programme for abundance manifestation offered by Bennie Naude http://tinyurl.com/magicmanifest

December through January 2012/2013, Rain participated in the Awakening Women – Yogini Circle, global women’s group – 21 day Sadhana, “Shiva/Shakti”.

Bernie Prior “CosmoForm” global participant, 21.12.2012, Buffalo Bay, Garden Route ceremonial gathering and OM event.

Biodanza Paradise Gathering open gathering participant, December 2012, with Marcelo Rolando Torro.

Live online event with Drunvalo Melchizedek, 21.12.2012, 22.12.2012, international live-stream.

Live online event with The Four Winds Society Circle, Dr Alberto Villoldo during November, December 2012, and January 2013,
included live special guests – Gregg Braden, Bruce Lipton, Don Miguel Ruiz, imminent global Shaman and Master Shaman, among others.

January 2013, Rain accepted position on the IAPP (International Association of Psychophonetics Practitioners) International Advisory Board alongside Dr Elena Komarova.

February 2013 for the duration of 2013, Rain attended the FAMSA Family Foundation Training program: thus far includes training in addictions, anger management, conflict resolution and counselling; volunteer in community service.

April/May 2013, NICABM Treatment of Trauma webinar series, online participant.

March 2013, Rain attended the David Wolfe South African Tour event (Knysna).

March 2013, Equinox ceremony at Robberg with the Creative Flow circle (hosted by Manya Matangi and Lauren Sweet, Shamanic Practitioner).

March, April 2013, Rain participated in the Power of Vulnerability, live online training with Dr Brene Brown, with Sounds True Audio; forum participant.

March, April, May, June 2013, Rain participated in The Self-Acceptance Project, a Sounds True programme with international authors and experts including, Dr Harville Hendrix, Geneen Roth, Jay Earley, Karla McLaren, Brene Brown, and Tara Brach (among others).

April 2013, Rain received the AAMET certified recognition in EFT level 2 Practitioner status.

April 2013, registered as Energy Healer’s Association (EHA) member.

April 2013, full membership recognition with AAMET international (as certified EFT level 2 Practitioner).

April through June 2013, Rain participated in the Awakening Women – Yogini Circle, global women’s group – 21 day Sadhana, “Mary Magdalene”; forum participant.

2013/2014 KHOA (Kuthumba Home Owner’s Association) Chairperson.

2013/2014 Crags Residents Association, (ongoing) committee member: Safety and Security portfolio – assistant, Communications portfolio – assistant, and Environmental Forum representative / assistant member. Local community liaison and representative for Victim Empowerment and Support efforts.

April 2013, Visionary Ignition Switch participant, with Dr Lissa Rankin and Amy Ahlers, internationally imminent Life Coach and authors; forum participant.

April 2013, The Tapping Solution, online EFT Practitioners “Business Accelerator Program” participant and forum participant with Nick Ortner and international colleagues (ongoing); see http://thetappingsolution.com/eft-practitioners/rain-martin/

May 2013, EFT Mentoring Day with Bennie Naude (AAMET certified EFT Trainer) and colleagues in Garden Route, South Africa.

April/May 2013, Daring Adventures In Paint & Life, online course participant with Mati Rose McDonough – internationally proclaimed Artist and Author plus her colleagues; forum participant.

May, June, July, August 2013, online member of the WINS (Writers) programme with internationally acclaimed author SARK (Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennnedy) and her colleagues; forum participant.

May/June 2013, Brainspotting – A New Brain-Based Method for Healing Trauma And Expanding Performance And Creativity – online course with Dr David Grand (pioneer) and forum participant.

May 2013, March against Monsanto – international protest event participant, Garden Route, South Africa
June, July 2013, busy with Copy-editing and proofreading with Ian McGillvray.

September 2013, attended Bernie Prior cosmoFORM presentation/satsang, Garden Route.

September, October and November 2013, participant in The Shift Network’s exclusive, live online training with The International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers – in which revered elders facilitated a 7-Week Initiation process Into the Sacred Ancestral Wisdom of Our Global Indigenous Traditions: this being a rare opportunity of learning directly from highly respected medicine women and shamans from around the world – who are at the heart of a healing that is bridging ancient and modern worlds, and weaving the human family together again. Ceremony included  prayer, healing, wisdom and blessings – to help us navigate the times ahead, connect with our souls, open our hearts, and awaken a deeper connection with the web of life.

September, October, November, December 2013, participant in SARK WINS final cycle, and BBC calls for writers, online community network.

October, November, December 2013, participant in Oprah’s Life-class course with Brené Brown: The Gifts of Imperfection, eCourse.

October 31, 2013 onwards, Sage Goddess Magical Sabbatical circle ongoing participant… (Pentacle membership)

November 2013 onwards, Gem Wise training with Athena Perrakis and the Sage Goddess fraternity.

December 2013, EFT Advanced Practitioner training participant, AAMET recognised, with Bennie Naude, Garden Route, South Africa

December 2013, Four Winds Society, teleconference participant with Dr Alberto Villoldo, “Shaman’s Way of Healing”

December/January 2013/2014, Leonie Dawson Affiliate http://leoniedawson.com/affiliate-redirect/?w=amazingyr&p=rainjewel

January 2014, mentoring with Bernie Prior, New Zealand

January 2014, Matrix Reimprinting practitioner training and Advanced practitioner training participant with Bennie Naude, Garden Route, South Africa

January 2014, Matrix Reimprinting, recognised Practitioner (international) – certified Advanced Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner.

January, February, March, April 2014, online member of the WOW (Writers) programme with internationally acclaimed author SARK (Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy) and colleagues; ongoing forum participant.

January to February 2014, Innovations in Trauma Therapy, online global conference 2014, with Dr Maggie Phillips, Dr Steve Frankel, Dr Peter Levine, Dr Laurel Parnell, Dr Bessel van der Kolk, Dr Stephen W. Porges, Dr David Feinstein, Dr David Grand, Kathy Steele, Dr Dawson Church, and Dr Frank M. Oschberg with online participation.

February to March 2014, The Tapping Solution World Summit 2014, participant.

February to March 2014, Neuroscience Summit, online participant (hosted by Lisa Garr).

March 2014, CRA (Crags Residents Association) ongoing portfolio holder on committee – now including Waste Management.

March 2014, The Gathering retreat participant, Baviaan’s Kloof, South Africa http://thegatheringretreats.org/?ap_id=19

March 2014 onwards, Brene Brown and Oprah Winfrey online training, part 2.

April 2014, Hay House World Summit Global member online participant.

April 2014, re-election as ongoing “Guardian” member, Executive Director for the Raphaeli Waldorf School, Plettenberg Bay, Non-Profit number 096-039-NPO

May 2014, Afrika Burn collaborative initiative, creative arts project participant (Burning Desert Ninja;).

May 2014, AAMET Accredited EFT Supervision online group, with Helena Fone (AAMET Chairperson).

May 2014, AAMET Accredited EFT Supervision in person, group with Bennie Naude, Garden Route, South Africa.

June 21, 2014, KHOA AGM, Completion of role as Chairperson for Kuthumba Home-owners Association, 2013-2014.

June 2014, Rain began studying “the Gene Keys” body of work, and researching in the field of “Human Design” with the assistance of Murray Verse

July 2014, AAMET Accredited EFT Advanced (Level 3) Practitioner certification completion.

August 2014, Rain participated in the small group ongoing participatory workshops hosted by Helen Schaffer, Plettenberg Bay

August 2014, Rain participated in the ongoing astrology offerings presented by KV of Aquarius Nation online

blue lotus 2

September 2014, Rain joined the SPECTRUM arts collective online annual programme for artists (2014)

September 2014 to October 2014, Rain participated in the RELATE online series presented by Hari Karla Arts

September 2014 onwards, Rain joined the Gene Keys online events series presented by Richard Rudd, participated in the ongoing series of webinars (generally monthly) and the global community developing this awareness in human consciousness

September 2014 onwards, Rain joined the Oprah and Deepak Chopra 21-day meditation series, online event

September 2014 onwards, Rain received online coaching input on the Oracle Decks series of Colette Baron-Reid

October 2014, Rain attended the ongoing Aware Show series called Soul Summit with Lisa Garr and guests on google hangout

October 2014, Rain participated in the global circle, “Witches Boot Camp”, journal-writing e-course

October 2014, Rain participated in the Global Day for Crystal Skull Activation event including Galactic Attunement Activation

October 2014, Rain attended the Maggie Phillips and Diane Poole Heller webinar on “Creating Secure Attachment Through Self and Interactive Regulation” online event

October 2014, Rain attended the Oakhill School Parents Forum seminar presentation by Dr Eve on “raising sexually healthy children”

October 2014, Rain attended the ISTSS presentation on PTSD as a shame disorder (the central role of shame in complex trauma) webinar by Judith Lewis Herman, M.D.

October 2014, Rain attended the NICABM online series on Rethinking Trauma with presentations hosted by leading specialists in the field of trauma globally, including Stephen Porges, Bessel van der Kolk, Peter Levine, Pat Ogden, Daniel Siegel, amongst others

October 2014, Rain participated in the first ever “Red Tent” movement gathering on the Garden Route, South Africa with Deveshni Naidu

October 2014, Rain connected with the 13th Munay-Ki “rite of the womb” initiation as presented by Marcelo Lobos (Four Winds Society)

October 2014, Rain attended the online webinar by Pam Carruthers presenting on “Scorpio Solar Eclipse MasterClass”

November 2014, Rain participated in the updated VIS (Visionary Ignition Switch) online events and life-coaching programme with Lissa Rankin, M.D. and Amy Ahlers

November 2014, Rain attended the online event hosted by the Intelligent Optimist in which Dr Alberto Villoldo presented “Hacking” the Human Biofield: How Shamans Create Extraordinary Health” via google hangout

December 2014, Rain attended the Aware Show online series called Stress Solutions Summit with Lisa Garr and internationally acclaimed guest speakers via google hangout

December 2014, Rain attended the online webinar by Pam Carruthers presenting on “Venus and The Goddess – The Gates of Initiation”

December 2014, Rain attended the online event hosted by the Intelligent Optimist in which Dr Alberto Villoldo presented “Hacking” the Human Biofield, part two: One Spirit Medicine” via google hangout

December 2014, Cat Caracelo image-work online participation series on Solstice preparation and inner journey work

January 2015, Rain participated in the ongoing Pillars of Priestessing online series, facilitated by Dr Athena Perrakis

January 2015, Rain continued her membership in the Sage Goddess Magical Sabbatical online Circle (Pentacle membership) including Gem Wise ongoing series, Full Moon live events, and Seasonal Festival gatherings, Magical Crafting and Astrological Insights monthly offerings

January 2015, Rain attended the online webinar by Pam Carruthers presenting on “2015 The Year of the Goddess and 9 Key Events”

February 2015, Rain attended the online series presented by the Aware Show host, Lisa Garr, called Neuro Summit III with global specialist presenters

February 2015, Rain attended the online Summit series hosted by the Shift Network on Body Intelligence with a variety of globally recognised speakers including Dr Shakti Malan

February 2015, Rain participated in the e-course offering, In Her Skin – for writers and image-makers (ongoing artists series)

February 2015, Rain attended The Tapping Solution online global self-help series

February 2015, Rain attended the Bennie Naude EFT and EFT-MR online “mentoring” / supervisory call events

February 2015, Rain attended the “Participatory Medicine” weekend seminar presented by Dr Raoul Goldberg in Wilderness, Garden Route

February 2015, Rain attended the online webinar by Pam Carruthers presenting on “Venus and The Goddess – Passion and Power”

March 2015 onwards, Rain joined the Oprah and Deepak Chopra 21-day meditation series, online event

March 2015, Rain attended the online webinar by Pam Carruthers presenting on “Pisces Solar Eclipse and The Spring Equinox”

March 2015, Rain attended The VIP Gathering intensive retreat for 8 days in the Baviaanskloof Nature Sanctuary, Eastern Cape

April 2015 onwards…. 

Alberto Villoldo online live sessions, April, May 2015

Colette Baron Reid series Hay House online course, 2015

Oprah and Arianna e-course THRIVE! 2015

AfrikaBurn 2015

John Newton Ancestral Clearing e-course, May 2015

Participatory Medicine training part II, May 2015

Waldorf Home-school e-conference course, May 2015

Earthschooling Deluxe Family Membership (Homeschooling Curriculums for life), 2015 onwards

MotHER e-course with Carrie-Anne Moss and Co. of Anna Purna Living, May and June 2015

Isabel Faith Abbott “desire” e-course, June 1 – 14, 2015

In Her Skin “on fire” e-course, July 2015

SARK “SPOP” online Writing Retreat, June 2015

Therapy Mastermind Circle (online, Diane Poole Heller) June 2015 onwards… (expert input includes: Ray Castellino, Anna Chitty and a wide spectrum of other cutting-edge, leading global experts) 2015 onwards

Sounds True, online mentoring programme in Mindfulness Awareness Meditation with Tara Brach and Jack Kornfield, and Pema Chodren, 2015

Hibiscus Moon crystal glitter package courses, 2015

Jessica Ortner, Tapping Solution Weight Loss seven week programme, July/August 2015

Lissa Rankin, The Fear Cure tele seminars, 2015

Hillary Rain, Blushing Wild e-course, July / August 2015

Pixie Lighthorse, Visual Quest, August, September 2015 (Animyst Collective)

AnnaPurnaLiving, Carrie-Ann Moss – Milk and Honey – Prosperity & Abundance online meditation course, 2015

Pixie Windhorse, SouLodge September 2015 (Snake) & SouLodge 2016

EarthLodge EMS 1 certification programme, 2016

Isabel Faith Abbott, sanctuary sessions ongoing 2015, 2016

Kali Ma, Awakening Women online retreat Sadhana, 2015

Women’s Temple organiser and priestess – rain spirit retreat, 2015 onwards

The Gene Keys – Revealing your Radiance with Richard Rudd online (retreat) 2015

Martha Beck’s Integrity Cleanse, 2015 

Global Shift Network: Shamanic / Energy Summit (Sandra Ingerman) August / Sept 2015 

SARK’s SPOP* online writing retreat, September 2015

Whispers of the Red Tent online magazine (group) 2015 onwards

Certificate training in trauma-expertise using EFT* Tapping Out Of Trauma* Trauma Training Webinar, September 2015 (ongoing member through 2017)

Therapy Mastermind Circle: Maggie Phillips, Peter Levine etc. Plus, monthly online case studies and interviews, launch member 2015 through January 2017

Psychotherapy 2.0 online conference, 2015: Stephen Porges, Bonnie Badenoch, Diane Poole Heller, Peter Levine, Dan Siegel, Joan Borysenko et al (hosted by SoundsTrue)

Hakomi Online Conference, The Shift Network, 2015

Carrie Ann Moss and Natalie, Mother online freebie 2015

Earth-schooling online Waldorf curriculum homeschoolers, 2015

Crystal Healing (Hibiscus Moon) course, 2015

SARK love boat, 2015

resonant graffiti e-course with Umber Dove, Kelly Clark – and Robin Radomsky, September October 2015

Pam Carruthers webinars and reading sessions, ongoing 2015 onwards

in her skin: the grief sessions, 2015

ACEP: energy medicine training course, October 2015

Matrix Reimprinting online conference 2015 with special guests*

Isabel Faith Abbott ~ writing womb sessions, 2015

TOOT ongoing support sessions (monthly mentorship and access to training group) 2015, 2016 onwards

Maggie Phillips and Kathy Kain on shame resilience et al tele seminar, November 2015

NICABM Rethinking Trauma Webinar Series with international experts, incl. Peter Levine, Stephen Porges, Bessel van der Kolk, Pat Ogden, Daniel Siegel, David Grand, Laurel Parnell, Ruth Lanius, Dec 2015

NICABM The Neurobiology of WillPower webinar series, January 2016 

NICABM Practical Brain Science series with international experts, incl. Dan Siegel, Rick Hanson, Norman Doidge, Stephen Porges, Pat Ogden, Louis Cozolino, Bonnie Badenoch, and Rudolph Tanzi, January 2016

Overcoming Depression and Anxiety summit (Australia) Health Experts international summit series,  January 2016

sandra ingerman the shift network shamanic training course Jan / Feb 2016 online

manifestation wheel with EFT Tapping training, Jan 2016

Fierce Grace Collective with Carrie-Ann Moss (annual) 2016 to 2017

in her skin: sexuality sessions, 14 Feb to 20 Feb 2016

inner alchemy circle: the air coven course, 2016

cat caracelo vision quest 2016 

the therapy mastermind circle ongoing, 2015 – 2016 – 2017

Maggie Phillips: Best Practice Gold membership, year-long during 2016

Spectrum 2016 hari karla arts

making art medicine: art as medicine, hari karla arts 2016

toko-pa feb 2016, dream walking course and march, april, may, dream lodge 2016

NICABM next level practitioner annual subscription 

isabel faith abbott: awaken desire, in her skin, 4 – 17 Jan 2016

analisa rutstein vision book 2016

cat caracelo full moon, new moon meditation visualisations ongoing 2016

Living Brave: Daring Greatly and Rising Strong, online training with Brene Brown and CourageWorks, Jan – April 2016

Inner Alchemy Circle: Air Coven 2016

lissa rankin “anatomy of a calling” course material and content, plus 6 months of coaching and group access, 2016

Gene Keys, ongoing training and study (work of Richard Rudd) 2016

yogini sadhana Divine Mother, April 2016

sandra ingerman part 2, shamanic journeying march, april, may, june, july 2016

TMC with Diane Poole-Heller 2016 ongoing

NICABM Next Level Practitioner Master Circle, 2016 ongoing

SGMS, Sanctum, Tarot 2016

A Year Of Ceremony* (with Sounds True and circle of global shaman) 2016 – 2017

Martina Rutledge Fairytales courses* (House-clearing, personal space cleansing and focus; Red Riding Hood, and Cinderella) 2016

Water Coven alchemy circle with Mindy Tsonas, 2016 

Alberto Villoldo on death (webinar), 2016

Marcela Lobos webinar, 2016

The Empowered Woman Summit, 2016

The Goddess Circle (Ara) community, “A Year With The Goddess”, and Mystic Oracle collective, 2016

Sistership Circle: global network / summit series, 2016

SARK: online writers brief retreat, 2016

Deepak & Oprah: Shedding Weight meditation series, 2016

Darcey Blue, Shamana Flora wild notes 2016

Flora Bowley Studio Diaries monthly group, 2016

Annie Hamman Arts: creative expressive “fearless art” course, 2016

Life Book 2016, various artists collaboration including Tracey Verdugo

Mati Rose year-long art creative expression course – Painting the Sacred Within, 2016 – 2017 

The Magic Within (Business) with Sora Surya No (SNO) 2016 (year-long)

21 Secrets (online art community art workshops,  mixed media artists) with Dirty Footprints Studio of Connie Solero, 2016

Circling with the Goddesses – Persephone (Galia Alena) 2016

Book of Days 2016 (BOD2016 and online community Journal 52 FB group)

Carrie-Ann Moss, Mother, May 2016

Gwynn Raimondi, Exploring Our Shadows collective, May to Oct 2016

Sacred Goddess Circle, with Sora Surya No, 2016

The Healer’s Circle, online community (with Heather Plett) ongoing, 2016

The Mandala Discovery process / 30 day course (with Heather Plett) and online community, 2016

The Spiral Path (with Heather Plett) 2016

Lead with your wild heart, course online (self-pace) with global contributors (Heather Plett) 2016

Openhearted Writing retreats (online with Heather Plett) 

Women’s Circle / The Circle Way (subscription / community) – “participatory leadership” platform – “a leader in every chair” 2016 CallingTheCircle.org

Peer Spirit community: Life and Leadership through Circle, Quest and Story (with Christina Baldwin, Ann Linnea) 2016

Margaret Ann Lembo, Academy of the Spiritual Arts ongoing membership (online courses) 2016

Donation: Kiva, ongoing recycle reuse monetary initiative (micro lending) 2016 – 2017

Liz Lamoreux: Being Seen, and Telling It As It Is, May, June 2016 online courses

Mindy Tsonas, Inner Alchemy Circle: Creating the Tarot (annual subscription) 2016 – 2017

Mindful Mantras with Gwynn Raimondi 2016

Pixie Lighthouse: woman’s circle – sisters on a journey, 2016

Ivy Newport several creative arts online courses, 2016

brene brown with kristin neff – self compassion online course through courage works, 2016

Neuroscience Summit* by sounds true, May 2016 with international experts, including Daniel Siegel of MindSight, Louis Cozolino, Diane Poole Heller, Lisa Wimberger 2016

Hay House World Summit 2016

Marianne Williamson, online course The Aphrodite Training, May 2016

Star of Ishtar, Tanishka “Red Tent” Training course ~ online global leadership training 2016

Star of Ishtar ~ Astro Oracle subscription (monthly moon ceremonial gathering circle, and astrological depth insights oracle) 2016

Divine Harmony astrology subscription (monthly insights portal) 2016

Tree Sisters (FB community group and NPO project) ongoing monthly moon circles (online calls and meditations)  & courses (Wild Soul Woman) 2016 onwards

Prepare For Change Community, 2016

Heart Talks (calls, mentoring and grief course) with Sabrina Be Heart, 2016

Way of the Womb, global womb woman ceremonies with Barbara Ma-El, 2016

Christina Rasmussen, #secondfirsts – Coffee With Christina + Life Re-Entry Plan / Life Starters circle, 2016

Fernanda Leidero, The Moon Cycle Inner Compass: the Key to a Whole Fertile Life and Embodied Feminine Leadership, 2016

Empowering Women, global leadership circles, 2016

Sistership Circle, May Full Moon “Cultivating Creativity –  Expressing Your Full Brilliance” Blue Moon Ritual, 2016

PESI Certificate Program in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction for Teens (MBSR-T) with Gina M. Biegel, 10-week online certificate course, 2016

Soul Art day.com – 4 rituals: Bodymapping, Chakras, Spirit Guides, Shaman rites* with Laura Hollick (sacred soul art rituals) 2016

13 Thirteen Moon Mystery School (Ariel) and Maria (sacred circle) 2016 onwards

Sarah Uma, Creating a New Myth – The Alchemical Journey of the Inner Marriage, 2016

Alchemy of the Sacred Inner Marriage – A Journey of Self Love and Awakening! (A Valentine offering from the God/dess of LOVE!

Archetypal Activation call with Sarah Uma and Orion, 2016

A Beautiful Mess, e-courses on Blogging 2.0, Blog Life, Creating Dream Business, and Instagram, 2016

Pam Carruthers, June 2016 Astrology webinars (transits and astrological alignments)

Body Wisdom Healing Circle, “Heroine’s Journey” with Jill Doneen Clifton of Luminous Muse Healing (12 month programme) 2016

The Tea Coven member, 2016

Sanctuary Circle, June through December 2016

in her skin: naming ourselves for ourselves, july 5th-11th, 2016

ShamanaFlora Online Apprenticeship, July through 2016

camera craft bundle, 2016

The Art of Seeing starts 27th of June 2016

Into the Light starts 29th of August 2016

Bessel van der Kolk, seminar in Trauma, Attachment and NeuroScience latest, April 2016

Galia Alena, Circling with the Goddesses – Lakshmi, 2016

Meditation Summit at SoundsTrue with global experts, 2016

Tree Sisters, Initiation Portals with Mary… online circle, 2016

Wilde Tribe, Sanctuary circle June 13 to 2(1) 2016: An Embodied Ritual with India Rose, Tea Time in the Moon Hut with Chameli Ardagh, Reconnecting with BodyTemple ~ Reclaiming our Blood Rites, MoonTime Practices, and Feminine Embodiment, 2016

Derby University ASD, ADHD course online, 2016

Maia Toll, Witches Bootcamp monthly member, 2016

BDAASA member (BioDynamic Agricultural Association for  Rainbow Remedies) 2016

Kairos Eurythmy Friend (donor) 2016

Source dance community in George 2016

SAAJA James Hollis course 2016

DrawingWithin, with Elle North – Saraswati, month of mantras… (online circle and FB group) 2016

Sacred Sangha ongoing FB group circle with Elle North 2016

EFT body awareness / embodiment support circle with Lauren Sweet 2016

Daniel Siegel, online certificate training, 2016

Phenology Lunar Wheels and Wheels of Life (Partners in Life and the Cheeky Magpie, online) 2016

Khoi San ceremonial work with Kalahari elders and medicine people 2016

Pixie Lighthouse, SouLodge 6 years master PDF classes ~ all medicine allies July 2016

Aromatherapy Diploma course with Sunshine Academy of Metaphysics and Natural Therapies, International (Gaynor Perez & Co.) July 2016 

Shift Network: The Next Level of Using Essential Oils for Healing – Harness the Power of Specific Remedies from Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine & Modern Aromatherapy (Online Event With Botanical Medicine Pioneer – David Crow, L.Ac.) July 2016

Tarot online training and creative arts expression (tarot colouring resources) 2016

Elle North, Saraswati course, 2016

Earth Medicine School II, August to December 2016 running bonus into March 2017 with Pixie Lighthorse

Woman craft Publishing online writing course “Your Authentic Voice” with Lucy H. Pearce (author) 4 weeks, September 2016

Elle North and Sora Surya No: Enter the Temple – Ceremonial Gathering, August 2016, including international guests

Despacho gratitude ceremony with Rochelle Seikh 2016

Deborah King add to CV (inner smile meditation training) 2016 

Ara Campbell, Priestess Initiate Training, November 2016 (4 weeks online) with The Goddess Circle (.net)

Tracey Verdugo, Paint Mojo e-course (online self-paced 2016; live virtual circle with Tracey, January 2017)

cat caracelo, archetypes of the creative, 1 Sept 2016 for 25 days

cat caracelo, monthly Moon Garden full moon and new moon ritual space, 2016

The Tall Poppy Collective: Empowering Feminine Leadership, with Peta Bastian 2016

Around The World with Fairytales (ongoing online annual programme with Martina Rutledge) 2016 onwards

Temple School for the High Priestess, semesters 1 and 2 with Elle North and Sora Surya no, September 2016 to May 2017

Cat Caracelo, QuestPath 2016 – 2017 

Empress Tide – Saturn Sisters Circle & Community, August 2016 onwards (ongoing monthly) 2016

“the journey inward” – Fall Moon Circle – October November December 2016

knowing your moon – living in lunar time (online course and FB group) with The Lunar Womb 2016

Brave Girl University, Soul Restoration Premium process kit and Brave Girls Club ongoing (monthly) membership 2016

Being Mama with Hannah Marcotti (September / October 2016) 

Wish Alchemist’s Circle with Mindy Tsonas, September 2016 for a year, ongoing collective

Origins – A 10 Day Journey to the Lost Sacred Within You, with Robert Mirabal and Anne Davin (Taos Pueblo) September 12 to 23, 2016

The Retrograde Project* movement and sessions (lifetime membership) 2016

Effy Wild, Facing Forward II – the things we need to hear (an exploration of faces and affirmations in the art journal art) August 2016 onwards

The Queens’ Council: A Gathering of the Sisterhood of the Rose, September 18 to October 1, with Elayne Kalila Doughty (Gatekeeper and Focaliser of the Priestess Presence Temple) 2016

Galia Alena – Monthly Luna Oracle (August to October) 2016

Galia Alena – Of The Heart (meaningful journal and book creation) online course, 2016

Galia Alena – Mythos (online course, 2016)

Galia Alena – Invoking the Four Elements (online course, 2016)

Steven Forrest, Astrology webinar on Pluto transits, 11 September 2016

Sistership Circle, sacred small group circle for 6 weeks online facilitated by Rebecca,  31 August through October 2016 (optional 12 week facilitation / continuation series) 

Radiant Goddess Circle (FB Group with Julia McAfee) 2016

Goddess Rising Sisterhood – embody your wild, sacred feminine and monthly “Dream Seed” Online New Moon Temple with Achintya Devi (also, named Priestesses of the Moon.com and The 13 Moon Sisterhood, Moon Sisters Portal, and Heart Council) for further info see http://goddessrising.org 2016, 2017

#createlounge (ongoing creative and entrepreneurial collective) 2016

Eris – planetary emergence, birthing into conscious awareness the #disrupt archetype within Astrology charts 2016

Astrology training with Henry Seltzer (AstroGraph online course and software inventor for TimePassages) 2016

Lunar Womb sessions with Kristina Wingeier, September, Oct, Nov, Dec 2016

The Urban Howl collective – frontline of the new urban magical paradigm & Waking Wild Wellness collective (FB group) 2016

New Moon Online Retreat with Edveeje guiding us in session three of her ‘Birthing Your Wild & Instinctual Self’ series, The Dream Doula 2016

The Dream Doula – New Moon Circle (ongoing within an annual cycle) with TreeSisters collective (upcoming annual cycle begins October, focus is on healing the womb-space) 2016

Project 40: Chiron journey, with Sherene Vismaya and Saturn’s Sisters 2016

CourageWorks – The Wisdom of Story with Glennon Doyle Melton & Brene Brown, September 2016

AstroSummit 2.0 with international astrological expert contributors, online September 19 to 26, 2016 

Matrix Reimprinting Summit, September 2016 

Unchartered – online collective and FB community with Colette Baron Reid & Co. (Gregg Braden, Denise Linn, Daniel Weismann et al) 2016

The DragonTree Community: Rituals for Living Peace Movement & online courses September 2016, ongoing

TheDragonTree Apothecary & Rituals For Living Peace – Dream Book & Planner: Lifestyle & Wellness Movement 2016

How To Eat – online course, 2016

Dreaming + Planning: Create a Meaningful Life course with Briana and Dr Peter Borten, 2016

Infinite Love and Gratitude, Daniel Weismann with Colette Baron-Reid (webinar) and LifeLine online courses (ongoing, training in LifeLine Healing sessions) 2016

Seven Journeys with Pixie Lighthorse, 19 to 25 September 2016 

Resonant Graffiti, 19 September 2016 for 7 days

CourageWorks – Brene Brown online course, The Gifts of Imperfect Parenting, – a Wholehearted Revolution, 2016

ACEP,  the Science of Energy Healing (online mini series (extended research), 2016

Sage School with Maia Toll, Herbiary – Herbal Medicine 101 (Making Your Own Medicine course) and Herb Sage School 2016

The *NEW* Tea Coven Society 2016

Perelandra Open Houses for past decade, 2006 – 2016

Sunshine Academy trainings (Reiki Masters, NLP, Past Life regression, Crystal Reflexology diploma & certifications) 2016

Capture Real Life in 52 Weeks – A Beautiful Mess (online course) 2016

Hibiscus Moon, sacred geometry online crystal course 2016

TreeSisters, (Spring) Equinox 2016 online event

Pam Carruthers, (Spring) Equinox 2016 online event

Elle North and the Sangha Circle, (Spring) Equinox online event 2016

Goddess Rising, 13 Moon Sisterhood – Moon Temple: Stepping into Leadership, Oct, Nov, Dec 2016

In Her Skin – Holy Grief (reprise) – October/November 2016

Waking Wild, 30 Days to a New You! online programme, September and October 2016

Flora Bowley Bloom True e-course, and Bloom True Bootcamp, 2016

the darling tree – amulet, art course til year end, working with intention, 2016

Unleashed, by Jeanette Leblanc featuring interviews with Isabel Faith Abbott, Mary Beth Bonfigalio, and other – September 2016 onwards

Because I am Happy, e-course with Jessica Durivage of Where Is My Guru.comSeptember 2016 ongoing

Tree Sisters – The Feminine Awakening Series with international speakers (including Eve Ensler and others) 2016

Unlocking the Floodgates of Feminine Consciousness and Nature-Based Leadership, September 27 – October 18, 2016

Tree Sisters – full time membership (donating to tree planting monthly basis, ongoing) 2016

Caroline Myss and Norm Shealy online participation course with live calls in Medical Intuition, via Sounds True, September 2016 onwards

Eckhardt Tolle livestream life time access – Celebrating the Launch of the Eckhart Tolle Foundation:

A Four-Day Livestream with Eckhart Tolle, Kim Eng and Friends, begins September 27, 2016 through October 2, 2016 (lifetime access)


Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle 2016

The Bitter Truth About Herbs, by LearningHerbs 2016

The Top Ten Most Important Essential Oils, live webinar with David Crow of Floracopeia, 26 September 2016

ACEP Science of Energy Healing, 2015/6 upgrade offer for practitioners (research and stats updates), September 2016 

Unchartered Book Launch and FB Circle bonus offer – Colette Baron-Reid’s webinar on the Secrets of Co-creation, 27 September 2016 with Hay House

MamaGena’s Pussy BookClub and online course, September – October 2016 (ongoing)

Gabrielle Bernstein, The Universe has got your Back (bookclub, and FB collective) 2016

The Hakomi Global Summit series, October 2016

UNLEASHED with Jeanette Leblanc, 2016

Dreamwork with Toko-pa, October/November 2016

Self-love and Sacred Generosity: New Moon in Libra and the Astrology from September 30 – October 29, 2016 with Chani Nicholas

30 Day Anti Inflammation Challenge with Joanna Rushton of Healthy ME Summits with Energy Coaching Institute (Mastering your Personal Energy), October 2016 

The Tapping Solution’s “The Life Reboot” with Jessica Ortner: A 7-Week Program to Overcome Self-Doubt, Eliminate Fear and Build the Confidence to Step Into Your Best Life! October to November 2016

Christine Arylo, virtual New Moon Feminine Super Power Circle – “crazy wisdom: super powers for conjuring up courage”  livestream event, 30 September 2016 

Visionary Women’s Salon online event, 1 October 2016 via The Shift Network

FIERCE – Kali – 40 day journey with Elle North, October – November 2016

Priestess Presence – Sisterhood of the Rose, Magdalene Mysterium Initiation Series, October to December 2016

The Fearless Collective, with Shilo Shiv Suleman, September 2016

Power Creative TV with Shiloh Sophia et al, Alchemical Cafe 2016 onwards

Moon Temple Mystic Immersion School – Full Mystical Immersion package: includes all programs offered in the Moondaughter Mystic School, including The Moon Lodge, The Red Tent, The Crystal Cave, The Tarot Vardo, The Chakra Spa and several private forums 2016 onwards

Daring Adventures in Paint, Collage and Abstract Painting (three separate online courses) with Mati Rose 2016 onwards

Lucy Pearce, Womancraft – Word and Image,  Healing the Creative Image – 4 week online course (PAINT with WORDS, WRITE in FULL COLOUR) October – November 2016

Sarah Prout .com, Manifest online course and FB collective, October 2016 ongoing

Quest: Practical Magic for Earth Leaders, October 31st for a year 2016 – 2017

The Rhythm Way: Wisdom Webinar – Lunar and Creative Cycles, October 2016

Hannah Marcotti, Making Magic Business Circle, October til February 2017 

Sora Surya No, Sacred Mapping Group session, October 2016

Marcela Lobos and Alberto Villoldo, A Year of Ceremony – thirteenth rite of the Munai-Ki: rites of the womb, October 2016

The Inky Path, No Place Like Home – 14 day writing intensive, October 2016

Art Therapy Diploma Course in Drawing, Painting and Self-Exploration with Libby Seery (platform Udemy), October 2016 (plus, 13 x additional courses* to be listed)

Kim John Payne, Screens & Parenting conference…. November 2016 plus FB community (group)

Education Summit / online conference (Daniel Siegel et al)… 2016

Exploring our Light with Gwynn Raimondi – 6 month ongoing Circle and FB group, November to December 2016 

The Body Contains Multitudes with Isabel Faith Abbott and Bronwyn, November 2016

Samhain ceremonies (including, Maia Toll, Goddess Rising Sisterhood & Moon Circle, TreeSisters, Elayne Doherty / Kalila Sophia Rose, Elle North, Sage Goddess, et al) 30/31 October 2016

The Goddess Circle, Inner Priestess Awakening Initiate Circle, November 2016

Galia Alena, The Goddess Council 2017 year-long

MaryBeth Bonfiglio, The Death Sessions; The Empress Sessions; The Devil Sessions; The Tower Sessions; The Moon Sessions, Word program, 2016

Danielle La Porte – Empire, Mastermind Collective, monthly ongoing membership, Desire Map Life Planner collective, from November 2017

Anne Ribley, Toolkit for Transformation (Soul Stamina), November 2016

Sacred Science, energy medicine ancient wisdom healing course 2016

Caroline Myss, Initiations by Fire – Reflection sessions: Forgiveness, Love, Surrendering and Healing, November to December 2016

The Venus Stream – Gene Keys Society, ongoing group circle of 9 months, 2016

The Numinous, Moon Club ongoing monthly membership 2016

Rise Sister Rise – Sisterhood Circle, November 2016 onwards, with Rebecca Campbell collective

Tap and Write with Kate Marillat, November 2016

Illuminate with Robin Soyala,  November to December 2016

Moon Mandala practices with The Moon is my Calendar planner, of April McMurty, November 2016

The Unicorn Project, and the Unicorn Circle, November – December 2016

Sacred Creators: Magic of Branding Course, November to January 2016-2017, with Chris-Anne (Dream Builder and Brand Catcher)

TheMoonSisterhood.com with Anne… 2017 Planner Bundle and Chakras101, November 2016

Exploring the Beyond – an in-depth investigation to Life after Death, with Lisa Garr of The Aware Show (international guest speakers, including Alberto Villoldo, Robert Moss, Raymond Moody, James Van Praagh and others), November 2016

Michael Stone, Embodied Shamanism – Creating the life you love, Nov-Dec 2016

Pixie Lighthorse, Healing the Mother Wound, 2017 year-long course (both semesters)

Brigid’s Grove, Creative Spirit Circle, ceremonies, woman runes training course, Practical Priestessing, red tent sisterhood, and sacred courses, November 2016 onwards

Free-The-She membership with Sarah Enthrup, November 2016 onwards

Brave Girl University, Soul Recovery workshop (ongoing graduate membership) 2016 +

Alberto Villoldo, webinar on “Shamanic Initiation: Descent to the Underworld and the Return Reborn”, November 2016

Super Power Reflection Ritual- “reflect and receive” with Christine Arylo, December 2016

MojoLab, the Inner Circle collective, November 2016 onwards (with FB community)

Mojo Lab, BookClub collective, December 2016 live event

SARK, Succulent Wild Business – Passion and Prosperity Training, December 2016

Sora Surya No, Magick Class – Stay Sacred in 2017, held December 2016

Bethany Webster, “Shedding Down to the Real – Healing the Mother Wound” teleseminar (intro), December 2016

Woman Unleashed, online retreat, December 2016 with international presenters

Red Tents in Every Neighborhood – Host for Women and Girls, course with DeAnna L’Am, December 2016 onwards (Red Tent Hosts, Global Network Member)

Purple Moon – Reclaiming Menopause as a Spiritual Journey, with DeAnna L.Am, December 2016

Carla Sonheim Studios, Best Ideas Ever, Art Jar Project, December 2016

Tiare Smith Designs, BadAssGoddess, Goddess and Gratitude Journal courses, December 2016 onwards

Amy Palko, Goddess Words of the Year for 2017, December 2016

Susannah Conway, Find Your Word – Unravel Your Year, 2017 e-course with FB group

Susannah Conway,  78 Mirrors Tarot course, “Winter” 2017 e-course with FB group

Nurture – online course (5 days of self-care) for Homesteaders with Teri Page, December 2016 

TreeSisters: New Moon Wise Woman Activation Circle, December 2016

Heaven on Earth – Healing Prayer Collective with Kaia Ra of The Sophia Dragon Tribe – Solstice Ceremony, and Closing Ceremony, December 2016 

on the beach – sun, sand, sea and sky – December 29, 2016* Aho!

Priestess Initiation, Sanctum Circle of the Sage Goddess Magical Sabbatical program, 2016 (training since 2013, ongoing initiate)

Kaia Ra of the Sophia Dragon Tribe, author of The Sophia Code – Embody your Sovereignty: Reconciliation Ceremony to Reclaim Your Divine Feminine Power, January 2017

Intuitive Grounded Coaching with Rosemarie St Louis, Manifesting Mandala and Moon Abundance Workbook 2017

MaryBeth Bonfiglio, Pop-Up Tarot, Dec-Jan 2017

MaryBeth Bonfiglio, Liminality Sessions, January 2017

Alina Frank and Craig Weiner, Manifestation Wheel with EFT, January 2017

In The Stars, Astrology and the Arts with Hari Karla Community, 2017

Willowning, Life Book 2017 

Effy Wild, Book Of Days 2017 

Olga Furman, Paint Your Heart and Soul, 2017

Dorn&Bruess certification course with Anna Hagen, January 2017

Amy Palko, Goddess Self – “selfies” Goddess project with group participation, February to March, 2017

Unapologetic Writing, with Isabel Faith Abbott, end of January to March 2017

Body of Consent, with Isabel Faith Abbott and Gwynn Raimondi, February to September 2017

Kristina Wingeier, Conscious Empath Boundaries course, January to May 2017

Enter The Temple – with international presenters and sacred offerings – prelude program for the School for the High Priestess, January 2017

School for the High Priestess, semester II with Elle and Sora, January to May 2017 

The Inner Circle, with Carrie-Anne Moss, January 2017 ongoing

The Raising Readers Challenge with Christine Powell, January 2017

The Shamanic Power of Active Dreaming: Opening to Multidimensional Realities for Time Travel, Healing and Reality Creation with Robert Moss at The Shift Network, January 2017

Gather and Glean – Homestead Mentorship Circle with Teri Page, January to March 2017

Rootsy, Beta-testing membership, January Feb March 2017

Fairy Dust Teaching training courses: Curriculum Blueprint, Classroom Management Mastery, Dynamic Family Involvement, and The Wonder of Story (2016/2017)

2017 Planathon with Kayla Hollatz, January 2017

30 December 2016, Sanctum Priestess Initiation Ceremony:

thresholding Shield Maiden, Soul Shaman, Priestess, Empress, Wild Woman Warrior – Rainbow Warrior, Medicine Woman, Earth Medicine Practitioner, Shaman, Druid’ess, Dream Doula, Mystic Midwife Muse, Alchemist Magician Artist and Quantum Therapist:

*Shaman Shield Maiden of the Heart*

★*̣̣̣̥·̣☀̤̣̈̇ː̖́Raïƞ Martïƞː̗̀☀̤̣̈̇ː̖́·̣̥*̣̣̣̥★

Sage Goddess Magical Sabbatical, Holistic Healer certification stream (AroMagic program, GemWise training, and SGMS) 2017

Illumina Priestess initiate circle (third year post-graduate training) 2017


wild heart writers collective: 30 questions, jan to feb 2017 with weekly office hours 

Unleashed Woman’s Bookclub with Gwynn Raimondi (2016 and 2017 ongoing)

Psychology of Political Activism: Women Changing the World – political science studies in women’s leadership (verified course with smith university) jan – feb 2017

womb awakening 9 moon apprenticeship circle with thefountainoflife.org  january through october 2017

moon sisterhood 8 week lodge with achintya devi, first quarter 2017

yoni initiation, 7 gateways live online initiation ceremony and yoni ritual art course with laura hollick, january through february 2017

9 month awakening intensive with Shakti Malan, February to October, 2017

liz lameroux, talisman of the month club for 2017 year-long

brigid’s grove, creative spirit circle 2017 (red tent initiative and goddess circle) 

brigid’s fire blessing ceremony, january 2017 with brianna saussy

sounds true, energy healing global summit, january february 2017

sounds true, leading edge of psychotherapy, yearlong training 2017

jean shinoda bolen with the shift network: goddesses in every woman (over 50), january 2017

jean shinoda bolen with the shift network: empowering the goddesses in you (after 50), live Q&A, January 2017

self-love through the sacred feminine with jo jayson artist and author, february through march, 2017

Venus Breakout Groups: the gene keys, ongoing circle 2017

Certified Family Trauma Professional (CFTP) course with International Association of Trauma Professionals (IATP) and PESI, January 2017

IATP annual member, January 2017 onwards

Emergence webinar: evolving the essential self, and the capacity to connect, with Diane Poole Heller, Ph.D, January 2017

Depth Psychology Alliance, online symposium participant, January and February, 2017

Herbology, materia medici course, January 2017

unapologetic writing course with Isabel Faith Abbott, January / February 2017

in her skin, belonging sessions – february 2017

pull pen paint course, working creatively with the tarot (group)

She Means Business online group with Carrie Green (author) and course with bonuses, including Gabrielle Bernstein and others

sacred circle foundation (continued, 2017) with Sora Surya No, where I am a Priestess of Divine Love, Shaman Shield Maiden of the Heart… Thresholding the dimensions of Feminine healing Presence and Sacred Circle on our planet right now…..

The Sacred Art of Reading the World – Lectio Divina as a Life Practice, Lent 2017 online retreat with Monks at Abbey of the Arts, and Christine Valters Paintner and John Valters Paintner

inner priestess awakening, graduate circle member with ara campbell and the goddess circle, April 2017

shift network, plant medicine summit, March – April 2017

jon gabriel 21 day meditation course, March 2017

“Householder” course with Carrie-Ann Moss and the Anna-Purna Living Community, March – April 2017

Venus in the Underworld astrological transit group led by Kristine Wingeier, March – April 2017

Saraswati full moon goddess circle group (ongoing)

global unified sisterhood new moon circle ceremony, 27 march 2017 and continuous ongoing ceremonies, moon cycle circles ongoing initiative

sounds true: neuro summit 2017 with international experts, March – April 2017

the sovereign sisterhood – woman’s circle with layla…. wild mystic sisterhood, temple, and ongoing group, April 2017 onwards

sisterhood of the rose, volunteer and group formation (in process) April 2017

Graduation from Earth Medicine School II hosted by Pixie Lighthorse (Campbell) of Soulodge, March 2017

energy medicine and healing summit with global experts, hosted online via the shift network 2 to 7 April 2017

Rootsy: ongoing member, April 2017 onwards

raphaeli impulse initiative: holding space, March 2017 onwards

Pan African National Teachers Conference, April 2017 hosted at Michael Mount Waldorf School, Johannesburg, South Africa

Emergency Pedagogy Working Group initiative (educating traumatized children – Waldorf Education in Crisis Intervention, by Bernd Ruf – global movement introduction with Lukas Mall), arising from this stream at the PANTC conference, April 2017

being mama, with hannah marcotti, March – April 2017

wisdom women’s circle, April 2017 ongoing (international participant)

sistership circle: facilitator tribe (new formation including working in pods), April 2017 onwards

radiant wild heart summit, April 2017

#The100DayProject instagram movement by The Creative Collective with Elle Luna et al, April through July 2017

Benedita: special ceremony on ancestral lands with MaryBeth Bonfiglio, May 2017


Here are some cosmically-minded newsletters in no particular order 😉 which you might find interesting, too:

Online Astrology monthly subscriptions / guides ongoing: 

Marelna du Plessis, Kaypacha & The New Paradigm Community (Boom Brigade et al), KV& Aquarius Nation – Moon Vibe Guide, Divine Harmony, Astro Oracle (Tanishka), Astro Forecast (Ara Campbell), Astrograph online community,  Steven Forrest, Maurice Fernandez, Michelle McClunan, The Lunar Womb (Kristina Wingeier astrologer, and April McMurty), Lennon Mara (Moon & Quartz), Rising Moon Astrology, The Sky Priestess (Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam: Priestess, Astrologer, Doctor of Political Science, Spiritualist and Public Speaker), Pam Carruthers, Space Weather News, Collective Evolution – Carmen di Luccio, Sarah Varcas (of AstroAwakenings.co.uk), The Power Path, The Urban Howl, Lara Larriva of The Rhythm Way,  Saturn Sisters, Sherene Schostak Vismaya, Chani Nichols, The Numinous* 


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  1. Wow Rain – you have come a long way from the ole days of our healing practices hey! Well done to you. love Rose

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