Closure, 2016


Early this morning I was awakened to hear from my closest staff member, of the passing of her son – unexpectedly, he was stabbed and died from the blood loss and injury upon arrival at the hospital. She was by his side.


How does one meet such an unexpected turn of events, when mere days ago one was celebrating Christmas as a family, in trust and cohesion of the greater good?

butterflies vase

The dimensions of pain on our planet right now, are so intense and relentless – it seems futile to try find words of meaning or comfort. Yet, we are human – so much like the deepest recesses of Pandora’s box – we find hope.


We strive for meaning, and perhaps that thread, so indelibly “red”, is what keeps our souls alive, and allows our Spirits to thrive, despite everything.


Here are words which brought me comfort today – written merely hours ago, by a dear friend of mine named Shakti, on the survival of her own love loss toward the tail end of this year:

well, well, well!

“When grief comes

Like a cold wind in the night
An army rises up in me
Ready to defend, avoid, distract –
Any tactic to avoid

I take command of the army.
Be with this
Tears speak the language of water
Not of words
The medicine for heartbreak
Is not abandoning this heart
But staying
Close and intimate
While this cold wind blows
Through the open gates
Of my undefended

by Shakti Malan



For myself, this month has been a quiet one as I regroup from the fullness of 2016, and work towards clarity and readiness for our entry into 2017.

counting 2016

I hold hope, despite everything. And I hope, many dreams and wishes will come true. For me, for you – and for all of us, plus this planet’s highest good and potential.


May your year end be blessed, and the birthing in your awareness of the New Year summon all the strength, meaning, and grace needed to sustain you.


Carpe Dieum. Rain and Co.