embracing “metamorphosis”

First post for my Rainbow Remedies.Co wordpress site, yippee!
More to come as time provides… Blessings, Rain & Co.

Rainbow Remedies & Co.

The image of the butterfly has been arising in my world – in the drawings of my children (see images below) and my own journey work plus ceremonial medicine.

While travelling home with my ten year old daughter from school today, sharing the image of the butterfly which her brother had drawn, that I wished to use on my website – she blurted out “metamorphosis“.

“Metamorphosis” I stated, as though a question? In the moment I was wondering whether I had heard exactly what she said.

“That’s right, you heard me”, she stated firmly and with a teasing smile that met my incredulous gaze.

The night before, I had been in ceremony with an online group; we each received a key from our guides – an oracle. Mine was “metamorphosis” and the image of butterflies…

My daughter continued to explain how she very much wished to see the word “metamorphosis”…

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