purple dreaming… and being in service to bees!

purple dreams.jpg

This New Moon has been an intense one for some (what’s new, lol) ….and for myself, I have been creating structures to support greater creativity and wellness in my personal life {that always spills into the professional, too 😉 }.

Strange things, like making a Bee Feeder (to hold water, as believe-it-or-not ~ bees drink water, too!) ~ this is my small way of making a difference in ways that count {less bees will drown from trying to sip water out of larger bodies of water – which also means that more bees will survive and help our planet thrive! #pollination depends on our global colonies).

Here is a pic of the bee feeder #workinprogress 😉 The idea is that the bees sit neatly on the pebbles and stones, and sip away at their reservoir rather being drowned in the nearby pool!! 😀

bee drinker.jpg

Besides the bees, I am working at strengthening my acceptance of “how things are” and “who I am” in the world, vz how I might “like” it to be, more often 😉 lol

Good ol’ Oprah and Deepak Chopra in their free online meditation cycle at present, give us the injunction:

“I define myself by choosing who I want to be.”

April in general (magically – speaking) holds the theme of empowerment within the wheel of the year;

Oprah and Deepak synchronistically frame the day as one “about taking back the power to create your own life story, and to speak and act according to your own truth.” Hmmm.

Let me say, I am practicing daily to be more “in flow” while simultaneously rooting in my own perspective, which I do find far harder (and way more “uncomfortable”) than it sounds.

As always, I maintain a fabulous sense of humour (except for when it fails me, usually when I am sleep deprived :p ) and on I sail in my little boat upon the broad oceans of Life.

This post is to wish you all Happy New Moon in feisty Aries, and give a little creative expression to the muse in me, who wishes to write.

Blessings always ~

Rain & Co.


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