World Water Day Ceremony

In recognition of this magnificent moment, we will be gathering to hold:

bruce lipton eye pic globe.png

{picture credit: Bruce Lipton}

Prayer, gratitude, offerings, invocations and Blessings to mark the tides, equinox, eclipses, and time of the year…..

Specifically in respect of World Water Day and our planet as a whole…..

And in recognition of the passing of one of the world’s Great – by the transmission / purification of water.

Join Us: #BlessTheWater

#BlessTheWater Global Synchronized Meditation live and free online worldwide

Plus, participate in the launch of the film #Water is Sacred’Online SAST 2 to 4am Sunday, 20 March 2016 for the WorldWide Global Event {follow this link to register please}

And in person, we will meet on the beaches of the coastal shoreline, Nature’s Valley ~ Plettenberg Bay, Southern Cape ~ Garden Route, South Africa….



What To Bring:

Seeds, fruits, and any {biodegradable} offerings you may feel called to place before the water or surrender to the waves….

An appropriate attire for bathing if you so would wish.

Silver Coins of any variety, shape or form to offer to the sea…..

Your Loving Presence and Good Will.

And So It Is!

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