Breathing in, nice and slow…

night mysteries mystic.jpg


There is something in the quiet magnitude of the above image, which left me breathing in, nice and slow…..

The strong “out breath” of creative geniuses and special souls spiralling their way up to heaven in this 2016 New Year, has been a deeply revealing process……


I am certain there is a Party planned Upstairs 😉


And they are all, not doubt, having a ball!!


So what is it in those of us left behind, that cannot quite muster the ecstatic level of enthusiasm that anyone crossing the threshold might inspire?


In the hum drum of every day life, this is the contemplation I take with me into Tuesday night’s “Candlemas”….


I hold all those departed, departing, or delivered and living in the limitation of breath & body here on our planet, in my prayers and thoughts in these Transition Times.


Much love to all ~


and may February bring the Leap Year Magic we all so readily deserve 😉


with both feet planted firmly on this terra-firma….


in healing to all –


Rain & Co.



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