reprise ~ Darkness is your Candle

in the famous words of our beloved Rumi:

“What hurts you, blesses you.
Darkness is your candle.

Your boundaries are your quest.”

tonight i go swimming in the sprinkling tides by a nearby lagoon (Nature’s Valley)

where the recent influx of microbial life “die off” caused a surge of phosphorescence in the waters by night…

a magical, twinkling, shimmery radiance greets our wonder as “light” erupts all about…

this paradoxical “life-death-life” scene, pulses its rhythm, accumulated now by the tides…

beating through darkness, the nature of our movement enhances the coalesce of this marvel in our sights…..

thus emerges my lesson, “on living and dying” from phosphorescence….

#nightswimming #lessonsfromthetides #timeandrhythm #thisthingcalledlife



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