Moving forward amidst the changes *✫ ♡ *✫

*✫ ♡ *✫ I have blogged three posts in the last few days… {following on from “I have nothing to say” no less} lol!

Just to synchronise with the “four” in the tetrad of Lunar Eclipses in this special series and it’s cycle of change, and perhaps because I will be turning 44 in December ~ probably you will see a fourth post from me in another day!

I am taking liberties;) With myself, first and foremost.

As I witnessed the progression of tonight’s eclipse, the tangible sense of our Time & Space continuum made itself felt. Yet, all an “illusion”…..

Hmmm. I wished to share the “over quoted” lines of poetry by Robert Frost:

“Two roads diverged in a wood and I – I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.”

*✫ ♡ *✫

No matter what we decide, the mere fact of choice creates contrast.

That in itself can evoke “loss”… and to this end, given the themes so present in our time ~ I am promoting the process of “grief work” both in my personal and professional life.

These nuances for me have often times been overlooked – as I have emerged as a survivor and passionate “Carpe Dieum” – type girl / woman, lol.

The words of one of my favorite “modern day” writers, Isabel Faith Abbott resound through my Being and hence my blog, too:

“because grief lives in the body, and knows its voice in the body, and demands we listen with our whole life.

because we are coming undone.

because when we cannot breathe and we don’t know the next step, we must turn to one another and say the simple words, “where does it hurt?”

because we are aching for the rites and rituals that would name our dead and dying and allow us to cultivate reverence and ceremony that holds us in our humanity.

because the losses can come both slow and sudden, and either way, we are taken under, into the deep end, and the waves are relentless in their reminders.

for all the love. for all the lust. for all the breaking and the things lost which we can never recover and which will never return. for all the fists clenched tight and the the grief carried under skin for years and years and years. for all the times the body was wracked in the pain and the psyche set upon its reckoning, for the losses we must remember and give voice to, the good-byes and the endings, for the dying into life.”

in her skin | the grief session

“The prompts in the course led me into surprisingly deep waters inside of myself, and helped me to come more deeply into communion with my feminine sacred sensual self. It is turning out to be exactly what unlocks so many other doors inside. I hadn’t realized we could go so deep in seven days. Isabel and Stacy provided gentle encouragement and sisterhood, walking the path alongside and whispering “yes” all the way. It was a magical experience.”

I cannot recommend this fabulous team and their work {& words} in the world enough.

Please visit their collaboration and musings through the following links:

See you there, if you are called. Or, when you are called.

Blessings, always ~ Rain

eye rainbow

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