And then I got mad: A process of remembering, reporting, and resolving lingering shame

This is an exceptional sharing on really difficult, hard to write issues….

Well Done, The Aphrodite Wounded Blog ! (Not yet certain of author’s name).

I hope this raises many questions, and fuels a great deal of insight.

My gratitude to this writer for sharing her experience and cracking open some shutters for light to stream in….

Tikkun Olam.

Rain M.

Partner Rape is Real Rape

“An inability to respond with anger is one way in which multiple experiences of sexual abuse destroy women”
Diana E. H. Russell, Rape in Marriage


My writing space. my favourite place to be My writing space. my favourite place to be

For my forthcoming co-edited work, Perpetrators of Intimate Partner Sexual Violence: Prevention, Recognition, and Intervention (Taylor and Francis UK, due in 2016), I recently wrote a chapter that is a bird’s eye view of living with a battering perpetrator of partner rape. As much as possible, the focus of the chapter is necessarily on him – the characteristics of the rapist I lived with, his background; what the triggers for sexual assault were etc. I was pleased to have an opportunity to write it, and did my best to maintain a tight, unemotive (but not artificially removed) analysis as I detailed some relevant experiences of rape. It was truly an empowering month-long process with…

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