yes, better things are indeed coming…. YAY!

This New Moon in Taurus, I share the message from Nick Ortner of The Tapping Solution…

“Better things are coming your way…


Better health, better relationships, better finances, true happiness and so much more.  Are you ready to accept it all?

I believe that the universe is always willing to give us what we ask for, but there’s a critical secret to being able to manifest what we want into our lives.

This simple story will explain that key step better than I can:  (If you’ve read this before, read it again. The message is that powerful…!)

Once there was a man who was a firm believer in God. One day it began to rain very heavily. It kept raining and a big flood came. The man climbed up onto the roof of his house, and knew that he would be OK. God would protect him.

A boat came by and the guy in the boat said: “Hey, jump in, we will take you with us.”  “No thanks”, said the man. “I’m a firm believer in God. He will rescue me”. He sent the boat away.

Another boat came by and the guy in this boat said, “You look like you could use some help. Jump in and we will take you with us.”  “No,” said the man. “I’m a firm believer in God. He will rescue me. Don’t worry about me.” So the boat sailed away.

A helicopter came by and the guy in the helicopter threw down a rope and said, “Hi there my friend. Climb up. We will rescue you.”  “No,” said the man. “I’m a firm believer in God. He will rescue me. I know he will.” The helicopter flew away.

It kept on raining, and raining, and finally the man drowned. When he died, he went to Heaven, where he was met by God.

The man asked, “Where were you? I waited and waited. I was sure you would rescue me, as I have been a firm believer all my life, and have only done good to others. So where were you when I needed you?”

God looked at the man and answered, “I tried to rescue you. I sent you two boats and a helicopter…”

Isn’t that an amazing story?!  It’s always been one of my favorites.  :)

So let me ask you: what is it that you need help with, and what boat or helicopter may the Universe (or God or whatever you prefer to call it) be sending you, which you are not aware of?

Maybe it’s a book you’re not reading, or an opportunity to exercise that you’re not taking, or a business meeting that you’re not scheduling, or time you’re not utilizing to use Tapping…

To end today’s post, I want to offer you a boat, or a helicopter, or whatever you want to see it as, especially if finances is an area in which you want to improve…

Over the next few days, I’m going to be running a free webinar titled,“How to Create an Abundant, Stress-Free Financial Future, Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible.”

From my experience in working with thousands of people around the world, MONEY, FINANCES AND PERSONAL FULFILLMENT AREalways the #1 issue people want to work on, as it’s such a heavy area of stress.

So if that’s an area you want to improve, don’t let this boat or helicopter pass you by and then complain that the universe isn’t helping with your finances!  :)  I know this webinar can help.  Just go to the page below and pick which presentation you’d like to join me on:

See you during the presentation.

Until then…Keep Tapping!

Nick Ortner

P.S. – Sometimes it can feel like life is out of control, in one way or another.  But when it feels that way, always remember to take your power back in whatever way you can.  There are always SIMPLE decisions you can make and actions you can take that will both give you your power back and set you forward on the path which you want to go.

If you’re ready to take back your power around your finances, career and your overall enjoyment of life, join me on one of these presentations: ” see you there soon! 😉