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Participatory Medicine

sensing self

Today I embark on a journey with other “wild women” with whom I am on a visual, written record…

This is my first posting, a “selfie” captured from within the position of my essence… She whom is rather reflective, deeply sensitive, and somewhat melancholy….

More importantly though, in a phenomenal course in which I participated this weekend… I was able to gain insight into “the blob” part of me… who holds me back so much in life!

Behind her substance which I so often abhor, is an “acute vulnerability” for which I am slowly, incrementally, developing a sense of respect and acceptance.

Hopefully in that free space she can reveal her offerings so definitive of the medicine I carry and which she brings for me into this lifetime. Aho and amen ! And So It Is.

to those who journey with me and participate alongside my experience – my deepest gratitude