♡ *✫”¸.•°*✫¸.•°*✫* ♡ “whispering a new dream into the darkness” …… Happy New Moon, 22 November 2014

✫”¸.•°✫¸.•° ♡ Here I am, slowly, gently, eagerly “whispering a new dream into the darkness” ……

Who joins?

Be Blessed each one. May we relish in the sacred fires arising now towards the solstice circle 21.12.2014 ♡ ✫”¸.•°✫¸.•°

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“New Moon in Sagittarius: The New Paradigm of Love is Birthing! It’s a New Day!


Imagine a world where we didn’t always feel the need to defend our side, our religion, our race, our political party, our sports team, to the point of getting angry and wanting to fight another in order to put them in their place about HOW WRONG THEY ARE to have opposing views to you.

Imagine a world where we could hear someone talk about their opposing views and not get so worked up, ourselves, with a defensive stance, as if we have to put them down and make them feel smaller for what they themselves feel is the best choice, for them.

Imagine a world where we just listen to another and honor that they are sovereign beings, made of star dust just as we are, who have every right to choose what they choose and to love what or whom they choose to love. Imagine that!

Well we are on the way!

And this is being birthed through our evolving feelings of self love, as we are only capable of holding space for someone else to be whoever they need to be, at any given time on this journey called the Earth Walk, WHEN WE TRULY LOVE AND VALUE WHO WE ARE.

To control another or to make another feel smaller for their choices is only a direct reflection of what one feels inside for self.

So basically, keeping it real, if you don’t really love yourself, you will challenge and fight others when they have differing views from yours. And if you love yourself, you will love others and allow them to make their own choices in life. Period. You don’t need to FIGHT TO BE RIGHT. It really is that simple.

And the secret to this is that when you have FOUND your personal power, you don’t need to hold power over others, which is what we are doing when WE need to be right and WE need to be the BEST country, following the BEST religion, voting for the BEST political party and rooting for the BEST sports team. When we have found our personal power we are content with what we choose while also honoring that others are choosing what they choose for a very good reason, that means something to them.

This new paradigm of love comes from having COMPASSION and being patient with others. It is understanding that we all come from some situations and influences that have created our own beliefs about what is right and what is wrong. And there is nothing wrong with that! Which means we are all RIGHT! BUT when we have not found our personal power, our false power becomes NEEDING to be right about things outside of ourselves.

And truth be told, the more we lash and judge and put others down for their differing opinions, the more we wear that hat that says I STILL NEED TO HEAL. Your job is to stay cool and collected around other people who choose differently than you.

Who cares if they think being a Republican is the way to go? Who cares? Who cares if they think being a Democrat is the way to go? Who cares? Who cares if they think being gay is not allowed by God? Who cares? Who cares if they think eating factory farmed foods is a-okay? Who cares if they think immigrants should not be allowed in the UNITED States, even though we ALL are ultimately immigrants? Who cares? Who cares if others are not following the path that we are following?

It doesn’t matter. It only matters that WE are following the path of heart and soul. It only matters that WE are evolving and becoming the best peoples that we can be. It only matters that we feel we are doing good things and treating others with love and care.

And this means we must be very patient with others who are on the ladder much farther down than us because we were there TOO!! And only the evolved souls, who TRULY VIBRATE HIGH VIBRATIONAL LOVE know this.

If you are still judging others and putting them down because you don’t think they are good enough or following a life of value, then YOU are still healing. Understand this truth. When you have healed, which tends to take a lifetime, for sure, you look back at ALL with compassion. You become the Mother Teresa. So we are all working to be the Mother Teresa through humbly looking at all the things that cause us to feel provoked or to judge others or to argue with them when they do not believe what we believe in.

written by ~ KV ~

I am the founder of aquarius nation and this is our playground to share information of the highest vibration. I write about LIFE through high vibrational astrology, energy and the eyes of my own guidance system. I am one of your guides into the New Earth Ways. I am here to ground you and to empower you and help you feel safe in this changing world. I offer birth chart books, astrology classes and readings to help you remember how powerful you really are and help you take control of living the life of your dreams. I look forward to showing with you who you REALLY are!

Okay loves. I am racing on this reading so I hope there are not TOO many typos!! Okay read your Sun, Moon and Rising Signs for the complete package and please share this with all who you feel may benefit from its love! Let’s DO THIS!



// aries //
You are going through a growth spurt where you are wanting to expand your life through things may deal with learning something new or going back to school or staring something that will have the potential to grow in big ways. This may even be YOU wanting to grow and wanting to expand through a new location that intuitively you feel will bring you more benefits in life. This movement and the core life changes you are wanting to make feel driven from something invisible like a gut feeling. You are feeling CALLED to change and CALLED to make huge leaps of faith that really don’t have an answer or a solid foundation at this time. You just KNOW this is a smart move for you and you just FEEL like you need to do this new thing in order to have a more positive and abundant future. You may even be on vacation or go to visit someone and will have and ah-ha moment that reminds you of a path you always wanted to travel but maybe felt the time wasn’t right or you weren’t skilled enough. Something is telling you that you should really focus on this NEW path in order to gain some NEW skills or NEW opportunities and that even though you can’t see through the fog, or see why you would do such a thing, it just FEELS like you are supposed to. You are also getting VERY serious about inner work and recognizing habits or patterns that you can see need to be transformed into a higher expression. These things feel like you have kept them hidden and under wraps, feeling like they didn’t really matter, but something now is telling you that they are keeping you from knowing REAL and TRUE sustainable happiness. Something feels like you have been going along doing what you think you should but that it is almost like chasing something that you never catch. And I see this as chasing your tail but never really getting what you want or at least that it isn’t making you feel content, and like, job done. There is always MORE. Or you always keep needing MORE or the next thing, which you think will have you feeling content and happy. But something is always falling short. And this may have you examining issues of feeling competitive or needing to be the best or first or go go go. You may just have to test faith and STOP for a minute to see if the world does happen to collapse without you pushing everything along. You may just need to sit back and relax and breathe and take it easy and rest and lay in the hammock for a while. You may just need to access your intuition and meditate more and do yoga more and step off the fast track of life, for just a minute. THROUGH some sort of retreat or down time or pull back, you will start seeing more clearly the words that you use to describe yourself or even the words that push you to perform and make you ACT when maybe you know you shouldn’t just yet. Something is wanting you to stop for a minute to go back and examine patterns and habits and things that possibly deal with your career and have you feel very much like you have to keep up. Look closely there! Look at how you feel in opposition or competition with others and how that may be the fuel that moves you to GO GO GO? Something is wanting to change and upgrade and this comes from stopping a minute and realigning to a better path or to a new form of study. The grass actually is greener somewhere else!

New Moon Manifesting Intentions:
I am making changes that open my life for MORE growth and MORE opportunities.
I am okay with taking breaks and allowing the reboot.
I am in competition with no one. There is room for us all.
I am open for a new perspective.

// taurus //
You can feel that you in the works for some serious soul searching inner work and you have been getting the signs for some time. But it is NOW that you see you MUST shed these layers and you MUST let go of these pains from your past and you MUST let go of blocks that you can clearly see are NOT manifesting the situations of a life you dream. There are fractures. There are holes. There are missing pieces or pieces that just don’t fit. And most times we do not clearly see these things, but right now you are very much seeing what is out of balance in your life as if it is under a glow in the dark light. You SEE what needs to be healed. You SEE what needs to be let go of. You SEE WHO needs to be let go of. And you see what patterns need to be manipulated into a new path, a new stream, a new river flowing. Change is the order of your day! Do be aware that talking about this with friends is SO recommended because they are outside of this and can clearly shine the light on the path that you need to carve out. They are there to be a sounding board for you, so share your truth. You may even be doing something group related where you are around people who share their inner secrets, or something, as this may be the place that you feel safe to put your concerns out there to see what others have to say about it. This feels like something partially anonymous, so you may be in a group that is online and feels like a space you can be candid and real. Relationships and home are also HUGE parts of this, so it may be that you are craving a new home, or craving a new home feeling with someone close to you. You may be needing a serious reboot in regards to home or a partnership and you will be feeling huge needs to EXPAND and GROW. This is something you can’t escape! You may also be doing changes around the home that relate to something long distance, like a goal in the future. The changes you make in the next week will allow the new growth to come that will take you to a new environment OR a new expanded expression THROUGH something like a blog, or a published book, or some educational opportunity. Through what you clean up, re organize, move around, get into order, and bring the healing love vibe into, BONUSES will be on the way… and very soon. Through the things you face head on that deal with relationships or home or roots or forgiveness or wounds… rewards will come. As much work as you do, determines how much growth you will experience. It is that thing about making space for what you would like to magnetize to you. Do be aware that the more you have the heal, the heavier this time can feel. And you have been given glimpses of what those things are. They cause this uncomfortable feeling in your gut. They also cause you to feel less than or not good enough. Just look closely and know that the hardest part is the facing of them, but once you do and once you just get in there and do the work, you will experience a whole new START over feeling and I know you love that feeling!! That is like when you first fall in love! eeeeeeee! I know you love that one! So go create it again through the “house cleaning”.

New Moon Manifesting Intentions:
I am cleaning out the basement of my soul!
I am healing relationship fractures.
If I have time to lean; I have time to clean.
The work I am doing now is creating space for the world of my dreams to manifest.

// gemini //
This can be a great time of collaborating with others or coming together to share in more positive expressions so that all parties can feel inspired and wanting to do more with their lives. I see parties or get togethers or going to shows, so I don’t know if this is what is fueling you and giving you hope, but there is a fresh air sort of feeling that is rushing through and it will be allowing you to see more clearly with what you would like to manifest with your life. It may be that you are making more time to go out and cut lose and through having that balance you are feeling more inspired and expansive with your career. There may be opportunities coming that relate to your career and it can be with things that you have longed to do but couldn’t SEE it, as there was a fog, or uncertainty around it. SOMETHING has cleared a new vision with your career and it can feel so simple, but for sure, you are waking to the timing factor because before you felt like you were going in circles and now you are taking a direct path to what you know you need to do. There is also something with your health and with the words that you are using to describe yourself. You are waking to the power to heal your body through how you treat it and how you talk to it. This is something you are feeling VERY serious about right now so it is rather effortless for you to make the changes that need to be made. You are feeling WAY CALLED to create brand new habits at this time. And healing is also linked with this as you are feeling called to purify and forgive and let go of wounds that you know are actually keeping you separated from the fullest expression of how your career is longing to manifest for you. So many things are linked for you right now and I’m sure you would agree! You may even be making changes with your health that you will incorporate with your career. You may even be wanting to share more of what you have discovered or are wanting to share things that help others to stay more positive and to feel more joyful in life. This even feels souls purpose related as you are feeling like you should have made these changes eons ago and now that you have you are like OH MY GOSH!!! Now death is a part of this and this may be the catalyst for the changes in your life. You may be experiencing death in reality or death to old parts of you or death to old habits. Something is dieing BUT it will bring a new excitement for growth in your life! It may even be that you now realize how precious life is and how much of a miracle each day is. Whether you have felt the rock bottom a week ago, today, or a week from today, KNOW that there is a BOUNCE back that will take you to greater heights in life. This is like what I wrote for Aquarius, and how you may find yourself falling into a hole, but in that hole you will also find a pot of gold. You are currently walking experiences that have 2 sides to the coin. SEE the positive and you will manifest a positive life.

New Moon Manifesting Intentions:
I am seeing the positive in ALL the situations in my life.
I am coming together with others and sharing my love with them.
I am seeing clearly into the direction of my career.
I am creating a strong and healthy body… let me tell you more!

// cancer //
This the best new moon for you to really shift your thoughts to the LOVE and to the POSITIVE so that you can manifest ANYTHING. You are wired hard core to be able to manifest the most far out, expansive dreams you could ever imagine. USE THIS NEW MOON to put them into stone and to plant those seeds of KNOWING that you are in the drivers seat of your life and that you really can have it all! This time for you is all about saying if you can dream it, you can have it. And if you can just know in your heart that you ARE valuable and DO deserve to have all your dreams manifest, then it just has to come to you. You can KNOW that in your heart, love! Your thoughts are driving your destiny! And you are hooked up to the fast lane that wants to take you to expansive new environments, with opportunities to expand through higher education, or your blog, or with any publishing materials. Do you have a book in you that has been on your mind for years? Is it healing based in helping others to rise above a difficult situation? It is personal based from a path you had to walk that demanded you totally change your perspective in order to keep afloat? Well, then go for it. You likely have words that somehow need to get out there. You are also in a HUGE healing space where you are going to be able to move up and step out of an out outdated dense perspective. You were locked into something painful and restrictive and all of a sudden it is going to lighten up. This may deal with something love related or partner related or death related or deeply emotional related and it is something that has actually kept you from living as full of a life as you could have. It feels like a dead weight and something you have been dragging around, and that is okay, BUT it is time to let it sail away like a balloon so that its weight no longer holds you down. It is time to spread your wings and feel the freedom of letting go of something so very painful and heavy. There is guilt here to and that is going to leave you! You are going to feel so much more LOVE FOR SELF and also shoulders back and feeling more confident that you DO deserve to be joyful and happy and that is is okay to be that way! It is okay to feel carefree and all is good, even though you have gone through many trials and tribulations. It is time to rise like that phoenix, love! It is time to brush some things off and step into LIFE full force. It is time to feel a start over. And when you open to releasing this baggage, which should be quite effortless at this time, actually, you are going to have an influx of MASSIVE creativity!! You are going to be so tapped into your creative gifts and how much fun it is to just do what you love to do. Happy days are SO here and with more to come! Just allow your mind to let go of any guilt, let it go. Free your mind. And open to how beautiful this world really can be when we are in alignment to the positive perspective of why things have had to happen! Rainbows are waiting for you, my dear Moon babies!

New Moon Manifesting Intentions:
I AM living the life of my dreams!
I am creating what I would like my life to look like in my mind RIGHT NOW!
I let it go. I let the pain go. I let the disappointment go. I am free.
I am bringing back my sexy!

// leo //
You are waking fully to what it is going to take to shift into a life of HAPPY and this means you have to let go of those disappointments from your past that deal with your love life or with someone that was close to you that feels like they have died and you are milling over how they did not work out the way you thought they would. You may be holding on to memories of past loves and going through the steps of what you could have done differently and what you should have said. This may be that you are facing something death related too and are wishing you would have said more or told them how you felt about them. This death may have even happened a while back but RIGHT NOW you are feeling it. And just know that whatever is coming your way right now is just those things that you are holding onto as guilt and they ARE blocks in your future path that are keeping you from the JOY you should feel in your heart. I see this layer of you leaving your body now. This almost feels like YOU have been playing dead because of the pain you have had to experience through close relationships and you are now stepping up and coming alive again in some way. This is also you opening to love and I encourage you to put that heart on your sleeve and share yourself with others because they WANT to love you right back! You just need to peel off those layers of hurt and free the REAL YOU that others see but you have been hiding. You are feeling very serious right now about healing those wounds and doing whatever it takes to create a new and better foundation with which to manifest a NEW LIFE. This is a restart energy that is asking you to remember how important you are. You also have angels whispering in your ear telling you that it is NEVER too late to start over. Shed that density! Dance it off! Free yourself! It is time for FUN! There is a new expression of the Leo longing to take form! It is a truly proud Leo who can feel carefree and that life DOES want to provide the best of all things. You just need to peel off some of those layers of pain when things did not go your way and when you felt left out or like life was skipping you by. You also are being called back to childhood where you felt supported and safe and taken care of and you are to remember some of those energies and recapture that feeling in your heart. This energy feels very much about you looking into your past in order to create a better life with your future. Look back there! What do you need to let go of! What do you need to cut the cord with, or whom? Also look closely into your thought patterns! Are they holding you in guilt and holding you in needing to be punished? Are they judging you and making you feel worthless? You are ordered to be more gentle with yourself and your process. You deserve to be happy! You deserve to be loved! You are forgiven, love! Let it go. Decide to start over and BE the best person you can be from this point forward.

New Moon Manifesting Intentions:
I wish I could go back and make it better, but I can’t. So I will begin again today and do it right the next time.
I forgive myself for not being perfect.
I deserve the best things in life.
I welcome TRUE LOVE into my life.

// virgo //
You are going through some concerns with others that relates to wounds from your own childhood. This can be something like where you are seeing that you push people away but maybe it deals with disappointment that you experienced in your childhood and now it is manifesting in your life as wanting to protect your heart so as to not feel that again. Or something like this. Or, you are seeing how you are not so free with trusting others or taking them in due to something you saw growing up. Maybe this was from seeing divorce and now you are in a relationship and doubting that it can last because ONE DAY you think your partner may leave you for another. SOMETHING is coming that is showing you a clear view of what is going on with your partnerships. And something has you feeling very safe at home OR very unstable as to what this could mean and what this means for the future. Focus fully on home matters whether organizing chaos or planning a home move or deciding to work from home. It is time to sink right in there and get super cozy…. so commit to the changes that make this feel like a safe haven and a place that nurtures you and infuses you with energy. You are being encouraged to open your heart FULLY and to share what you are feeling and to make every attempt to bring the light to all the illusive things going on that have you worrying and not feeling so okay with what is up. You must speak up and you will not be able to hold back, in fact! You are feeling very serious about your words and finding that you have to speak the truth and you HAVE TO GET TO THE BOTTOM OF THIS! You will be attempting to clear the air with many people, possibly, and even if you do not get recognition, or response, it is okay… YOU SPOKE UP and that is all that counts. This will start from your feelings or your intuitive hunches and you may even have messages that show up as dreams that then move you to say something. All things other worldly are bringing you signs that are wanting to align you to a life of more happiness and PLAY. It feels very all work and not enough play, so you are getting signs and you are FEELING what changes need to be made. You need to have more carefree times and you need to move your eyes to the big picture so that you can see what is really going on instead of focusing so much on these little details and thinking they are not adding up to something significant. You are on the road to HAPPY and GOOD THINGS but you first must clear the air and clean up the home situation.

New Moon Manifesting Intentions:
I am saying what I need to say.
I am bringing the light to this relationship concern.
I am creating a home of my dreams and a safe foundation that supports me.
I am making more time for play in my life.

// libra //
You are fully focused into your souls purpose work and ready to keep your thoughts and your words aligned to the far out dreams that you KNOW you can accomplish in this lifetime. There is a clarity with seeing how the words you use are manifesting EXACTLY what is happening in your life! Things have been happening through synchronicity that are showing you that YES your mind is in control of this all and because of this you are feeling very positive, as you should, with keeping your thoughts on the love and keeping them on future growth and with how you would like to expand. You should be feeling VERY much on top of the world becuase you are feeling in control of how your future is looking. This is also one of the rewards for so many years of feeling challenged and unable to rise to the position that you know is your birthright. My love, the harder the road, the bigger the rewards! I predicted that one day we will hear of the struggles of others and say CONGRATULATIONS… knowing that at the end of this, something very profound and amazing will come. The humans are collectively changing in that we are shifting our perspective of how we interpret “bad things” into knowing they breed strength and teacher/guide potentials. There are NO powerful and influential teachers out there who have escaped devastating struggles. They walked them, and then they get to teach them. And each one of these teacher/guides KNOWS that it becomes an honor that one never looks back upon as regret. And you my love, should be feeling VERY positive about what you plan on doing this next year of 2015. You are lining things up and making connections and dreaming fully of what you would like to see manifest in your life… knowing it is time for reward. You are also going to be VERY serious about making more money or about grounding in the stability from what you are wanting to further create. You want to use your creative gifts more in the world and if it can be anything related to home, or working from home, you are down with it. You are wanting to become more grounded and feeling safe and also really opening to what you still need to face in order to fully shed the skins of wounds that are memories in your mind that are looping around and around repeating every month. You are also going to be focusing on contributing in some group way, possibly for the women or for the kids or for the animals AND even if you have gone it alone before, you WILL be much more open to the power of collaborations and coming together with others. There may also be something with the Mother, or healing the mother, or working with others who have come from a fractured mother influence. And what you are healing in yourself is what you will be able to facilitate as healing for others. Be gentle, but also brutally honest with this process as what you are sharing and releasing is values related and all about learning to Love and Honor the body in order to live a life of creative and expressive bliss. You are going places! Share your story and all the “ugly and dirty” sides of it. It will help free and liberate the peoples, if not yourself too!

New Moon Manifesting Intentions:
I am ready to take this life of mine and live it to the MAX.
I am living my souls purpose.
I believe I can do ANYTHING if I want to do it.
I am healing my inner child and feeling TOTAL value for who I am.

// scorpio //
This is a time when you are very much connected to your body and the love of your body in relation to expressing your creativity, to feeling more joy with life and also possibly with something child or children related. You feel very hopeful and very excited and positive about changes that are going to come into your life. You are focused on WHAT IS VALUABLE and you may even be experiencing shifts that are showing you that money is one thing, but it sure is not EVERYTHING. There are more carefree vibes rolling through you that are trying to show you that if you do what you love, the money will come anyway. But if you focus on the money and how much you need the money to live the life, then you will feel burdened and unable to cope with all that is being required of you. There is an ease and a flow that is wanting to overtake you and float you off to a new way of living this life. It is also where you believe the best and where you just KNOW you will be supported and taken care of. You are very much focused on your career and how to use your creative gifts to manifest more money, but for sure, you JUST need to focus on how much you LOVE doing what you are doing and then, trust me, the rest will follow. In fact, it has the potential to follow HARD CORE and in massive and beneficial ways! You are in a position where you are being called to speak the words that encourage the growth with your career and speak the words that are about revealing more of what you do tend to keep hidden. You are being asked to SPEAK UP and speak your mind but do it in the high vibration way so that others look up to the Scorpio as a guidance system for others. You have words that can be pioneering and shifting for others, but only if they are spoken in a way that is similar to a parent wanting to teach a child to fish, instead of giving them the fish. Children are coming up so much in this reading so you may have been having problems with communicating with children or seeing eye to eye on how to handle the changes of growing up, but the time is now for clarity or to really see a better way to get through to them so that they WANT to do what you say instead of fighting you on it. This is always a lesson for the Scorpio because they are built to think they are always correct and have hard times hearing other perspectives. This makes having a strong willed child sometimes difficult! Just be positive and allow others freedom and speak with the voice of maturity and PATIENCE!!! You will for sure need more of the patience right now! And you do have A LOT of responsibility so you are being called to take it easy and to allow yourself some self care and down time in order to balance out all the demands of career that are and will continue to flood your way for some time. Your pace is nothing but full speed ahead so to protect those adrenals you will need to put your feet up and just spend your evenings taking deep breaths.

New Moon Manifesting Intentions:
I can rest assured that when I do what I love, I will be supported monetarily.
I am bringing the peace through my words and learning to be more patient with others.
I am making the space for self care and down time.
I am coming up with SO MANY creative ideas that the world is going to LOVE!

// sagittarius //
Birthday babies!! Happy birthday love!! Okay let me tell you that this is YOUR YEAR. You have so much lining up to really feel like you are climbing to the top of the mountain and REALLY accomplishing so many goals that you have set out to do forever! There is a big push of energy to complete projects that deal with higher education, the internet, publishing, or even working on upgrading your blog. This is very much related to your creative gifts and also is something that is very valuable to you, in that you LOVE what you are doing and will feel right at home with any new changes that ask you to expand and grow with the times. You are going with the flow and feeling like it really IS all coming together beautifully! There is also something with meditation or yoga or something metaphysical that is guiding you to be more patient and trusting of the timing of things. You are not feeling so rushed and needing to DO as you are more feeling that it is all coming together perfectly and that you CAN trust the process. When you get sick, or when obstacles occur, you are seeing that there is a reason and that this DOES NOT mean your time is up or you messed up or need to kick down a closed door. “So be it” or “and so it is”, feels like your mantras for this next solar year. You are also so much more wanting to show the truth of who you are no matter what facades you have wanted to hide behind, or how much you wanted to be seen as perfect and in control. Something from home is shifting your heart space and this may have been a struggle that you have kept hidden and didn’t want anyone to know about, but you are feeling called to share this and to bring it to the light in some way. You also are shifting something that may be mother related and this possibly deals with an absent mother or an alcoholic mother or a mother who was religious and not representing the spiritual approach that you are now following. There is some sort of disconnect that has been hidden and not brought to the light and you are going to now make peace with this and do whatever it takes to separate the pain from what you are manifesting as a life path now. This may have created a person who feels like they HAVE to be in control and dominant and self-sufficient, and now there is a softness forming that comes from the forgiveness and comes from the peeling back of these experiences and seeing that it has nothing to do with you! You may have been taking on the pain of this absence issue and overcompensating in the areas of DO DO DO. But now you are being called to open more to slow and soft and nurturing and healthy mama energy. You may be needing to take on nurturing, supportive acts that take care of your inner child. You may need to let others take care of YOU. You may need to make peace with the lack from the mama that may have occurred in your childhood and set yourself apart from HER path, so that you can FIND and ALIGN with the path of someone who has a NEW healed story to tell about self. Something to see with this is taking on more of an aggressive approach to life to remain in control from the lack of being taken care of in the younger years. Just look closely into this. You are to create a new pattern and it is THROUGH your loving and soft and nurturing ways that you will heal this disconnect.

New Moon Manifesting Intentions:
I am allowing others to nurture and support me.
I am completing a MAJOR task in my life.
I am striking balance in all areas of my life.
I am healing my childhood wounds that deal with absence and neglect.

// capricorn //
This new moon is AMPING you UP! You will be going into your hibernation space where you are approaching a birthday and going back to scan over this past year to see if you have accomplished what you set out to create with your life. There is more energy with this one to REALLY humble yourself with a fine tooth comb and look so closely at your shadow self and with your energy and with what is keeping you away from your dreams being manifested. True, we do have a perfect path that is unique to us in how and when we are to learn lessons that bring us closer to our dreams. BUT if we are holding spaces of envy or resentment or negative self talk, then our destinies are so much more delayed. And THIS is what you are facing right now. Are you truly vibrating in a way that welcomes blessed things into your life, or are you holding onto hidden things that you keep on the down low but that relate to resenting others and their success? Are you pure of thoughts REALLY and trusting your path REALLY? Are you congratulatory to those who are on the top of the mountain and supportive of others who are manifesting their dreams? Or do you sit back and sort of stew about how YOU are the one who deserves this or YOU are the one who is more gifted? This is get real time. And your thoughts are under the microscope along with any hidden wounds that relate to competition and wanting to be the best. This also relates strongly to others and to what you see others accomplishing, so you really do need to look closely into this. If you truthfully are feeling secretive anger over others who are on top and feeling like it is YOU that deserves that more so than others, then you are going to have already had your buttons pushed many times before this new moon as a wake up call. You have a similar message to Pisces in that you are needing to hold in your heart the awareness that there IS ENOUGH to go around and that there ARE people who want different things, which is why we need many different people going towards many career paths out in the world. Different strokes for different folks is the truth. I know so many people that can not STAND me and the way I write, but I know so many people who love and truly appreciate the way I write. And I only focus on the ones who love me. BUT if I focused on the ones who reject me and if I felt the need to be everything for everyone, then I would think something was wrong with me and that would cause me to make myself smaller. Instead I just think “hey they are not the ones I am supposed to reach as SOMEONE else IS!” Perfect. And if you are not connecting with the people you want to, is it because you are wanting to be everything for everyone, and not trusting YOUR UNIQUE contribution as having a place in SOMEONES heart. But I guarantee if you can open to being TRULY supportive of others who are manifesting abundance and at the same time focus fully on your UNIQUE contribution, by narrowing down your focus, then it can’t NOT soar! What is funny is that UNIQUE is so the Aquarius word, but I keep hearing it for your readings! It seems to me that you will only make it to the heights you dream if you truly focus on something that no one else is doing, or no one is doing in the ways that you can do it. What are your TRUE strengths and gifts? What are you TRULY received and seen for doing? Focus there. And just remember that you don’t have to be everything for everyone. You don’t have to pilfer your energy away by trying to do it all.

New Moon Manifesting Intentions:
I love and honor others who are seeing their dreams manifest!
I celebrate the successes of others (knowing that I will know the same success.. someday)
I am doing ONLY what I am really good at and know I will attract the people who want what I have to offer.
I trust the timing of my path.

// aquarius //
This is to be a magical time where you are FULLY FOCUSED on shifting whatever it will take so that you can finally feel that you are being of service to others in a way that THEIR lives become better from what you have to offer. This may be in a big scale way, but it may also be in a smaller one, where you are doing things to help your family or friends rise up in vibration in regards to the habits they have that you can see are not about keeping up and evolving. It may be that you are feeling a passion to educate those around you about gmo’s or health issues or even changes of mental perspective, as in not manifesting the negative thoughts they are holding. You are wanting to share your wisdom in ways that will create a rippling affect. You are KNOWING that even to change one person is contributing to the betterment of the whole. There is something with this energy that is activating within you, the consciousness of the affect you have on others. You are becoming more aware of being an example and how every day what you are doing is being watched and monitored. This will actually create a calm feeling in you that is not so focused on wanting to be a star or wanting to be famous, but instead trusting this process in knowing that EVERY PERSON you affect is adding up and changing the world bit by bit. This feels very much like a deep breath, like a sigh of relief in not feeling like you have to do the WHOLE big job over night but instead can just know that each day in every way you ARE making a difference in someones life and THAT is what matters most. I would use every day to hold this thought in your mind when you go out into the world and commit to doing ONE GOOD DEED a day that is you stepping out of your life in order to be kind or caring to another. Show them that someone cares. We are needing more people to do this individual piece work that matters more in the long run anyway. This can be sharing smiles, being concerned, stopping to talk to strangers, donating money to those in need, opening your hands and heart to others in the humanitarian way that is SO in your DNA. You are also being called to use words that are much more about BEING PATIENT with the climb up the mountain. You MUST trust this path of yours and know that you are always getting closer and that you ARE right on time. Do not compare your path to others path!!!! This is the greatest mistake of the humans! WE ALL ripen at different times and the more you look out and think that you have messed up because you don’t have kids yet, or you aren’t married yet, or you are not living your dream career yet, or you do not have the life that you imagined yet, is ONLY HOLDING YOU BACK IN LIFE. Free yourself! Just BE! And love every minute of your life! We have no idea why things are happening but the number one rule is TRUST THIS. You may fall into a hole that feels like it is a nightmare but it will be that hole that brings you closer to your truth. You may lose a job and think it is such a devastating situation, but it will be that loss that opens you to what you are really destined to do. You are not allowed to question or judge your path, my love, you are only to honor it and trust that it DOES mean something in the long run. If you can just trust, you will be GOLDEN IN 2015!! This next year is to be so exciting for so many who do the work and who learn the patient trust key. It is the ONLY key you need.

New Moon Manifesting Intentions:
I trust my unique process.
I KNOW I am going to come out on top.
I may not understand what is happening in my life, but I KNOW it means something important.
Every humanitarian offering I make brings me closer to my souls work manifesting in the world.

// pisces //
The secret for your career dream success is that you must WATCH YOUR THOUGHTS like you are watching a fire that is just out of balance and will need your attention if it crosses over a particular line. This is SERIOUS and the thoughts that you are to watch relate to how you compare yourself with others in thinking THEY are so much more successful, and THEY are so much luckier, and THEY are so much better than you. You are to NEVER ALLOW those thoughts again if you want to truly manifest the life of your dreams that unfolds abundantly in 2015. This will mostly be internet based, so it will be coming from your facebook feeds and instagram feeds and when you see someone else having success, or doing something similar to you, and when you do get that tightness in your gut or in your shoulders, you MUST do some sort of ritual, every single time, that pulls you back to balance in KNOWING there is plenty to go around and we ALL have a place in magnetizing the people who are just right for what we are doing or offering. You are also ordered to say AWESOME! And congratulations! And WOW, if they can achieve so many good things, then so can I!! This New Moon is giving you the power to shift this habit into a new pattern RIGHT NOW. You know this cannot go on any longer and I am sure you have been feeling the pressure of this even more so in the past few months. You feel how it MUST LEAVE your system so that you can get to business and just do what you love to do without always feeling the need to compete or to feel less then in the face of what others are doing. Now the reason this is so important right now is because you are currently making changes and shifts that will allow a whole new expression of career opportunities to magnetize your way! YES! You are going up in stature and will be going up in some level that is only matched by what you can dream is possible in your heart and mind!! You should be starting something now, not finishing, but starting, and it may have been in your thoughts for some time, but NOW is when you are to start laying down the foundation of how this will look and how this will come together. There is a component to this that relates to working with others and/or creating something that benefits others lives in some way. There may be something with a particular group with this, such as women or children or pets, and this feels to your soul like it is very much destiny related or something you were born to create. This may be that it was a dream of long standing and through the shifts you are making with how you judge yourself so harshly and how that is softening, this is going to open the doors for this new project to not only succeed but to SOAR. The timing of its release should not come at this very moment as you are preparing this, but during January 1 to the 4th would be excellent days to put this out there, or at least start talking about it with others, if it is not time to launch just yet. This energy now is VERY SPECIAL!!!!! Dream WILDLY about your career and what you would like to manifest in this next year! 2015 is going to be THE BOMB for you IF you can transform this mental loop of a habit that always has you playing smaller than you really are. And mark my words, this is going to usher in a time of EPIC career opportunities!!! They are going to come left and right at you like that tennis ball shooting thing! (that’s what I was shown!!!!)

New Moon Manifesting Intentions:
I am focused fully on living my souls purpose NOW.
I believe in myself and I will not waiver in comparison to others.
When I compare, I make myself smaller. No more because I AM HUGE!
I will live out my destiny in this lifetime. Nothing is going to stop me.”

And So It Is ! WIth immense gratitude to K V of Aquarius Nation !! ♡ ✫”¸.•°✫¸.•°

11.11 ~

Shine On! Forever.... "The Time Returns"
Pamela Sloughqueen image credit


“Many of the symptoms we’re witnessing amongst those around us can be explained in terms of the vibrational change we’re undergoing. The shift is on, and people are responding by either welcoming or resisting it at all kinds of levels. It’s quite a fascinating phenomenon to behold, as well as a bit disturbing as people who don’t get it lash out at whatever influence they perceive is the culprit for their disorientation.

Fascinating stuff, but intrinsically important to what’s happening here at the surface level.

Most importantly is the personal level of this transformation that’s happening whether people want to acknowledge it or not. Fighting the structural degradation of old paradigms is always a messy affair, with seeming little to support our old viewpoints, except desperate grabbing on to old thought patterns and resultant behaviors which have shaped our lives. Such is the death of the old.

The overwhelmingly empowering aspect of what humanity is experiencing is the complete liberation from decrepit control systems into a world longing for exploration and enjoyment that brings with it realms of transformation we never dreamed of.

Continue Reading – Allowing the Vibrational Change

The Rhythm of Change

Whether humanity likes it, believes it, or is ready or not, the change is happening. It’s as unstoppable as the music of the spheres, as identified by the great philosopher and geomantic mathematician Pythagoras. This wondrous discovery of the decipherable fundamental rhythmic patterns of creation at every level has profound implications that permeate every level of our existence.

Vibrational frequency affects everything. This has been demonstrated using not just sound on water, sand and metal filings where fabulous geometric patterns are formed which change as the frequency is altered, but it also happens with the application of thought, emotions and intention as demonstrated by the late great Masaru Emoto.

The earth resonates with what is called the Schumann resonance frequency, first calculated at 7.83 hertz. And now it is literally changing, and moving into a higher frequency. And that’s just one measuring stick. What else is changing around us and within us? What marvellous new patterns are our basic structures morphing into as this vibrational change continues to unfold?

Nothing to the skeptic, but something wonderful to the experiencer.
Step Out of the Theater

While the world’s attention is transfixed on matrix movie reruns in the theater of life, the entire theater is moving and changing, as is the the world around it. When people finally get up out of their seats and go outside, boy are they in for a shock. It isn’t the same place they entered from, and even then it will continue to change. People looking at the televised reruns and the entranced audience for evidence of this change will never see it. Besides, much of the nature of vibrational change is intuitive, but the evidence is there. Like the changing of the seasons it takes time and is a gradual process but spring always follows winter even when it appears winter just won’t quit.

It reminds me how some people can’t even see the chemtrails. Or think there’s no rhyme or reason to the obvious coordination of world events and the bogus money system. In their minds it’s always been that way and there is no possible alternative. It’s the same with the royalty scam or the rich riding on the backs of the poor. Only this is way more profound than these surface manifestations of the old control system. But until you’ve experienced this vibrational awakening it won’t be in your reality.

Or so you think.

This is the big one, the very vibrational nature of the entire world we live in, from our DNA to the music of the planets in our solar system, the transformation is under way. What it will entail geologically, geopolitically and personally remains to be fully seen, but transform we will, like it or not.
Letting Go

This might seem esoteric to some but it’s as real as the nose on our faces. The shift is on, vibrationally and therefore emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically. Hence the confused reaction on so many planes. The big drawback to lower level thinking is that we interpret changes by old worn-out channels of thought and understanding.

Fundamentally speaking, never the two worlds shall meet.

They can’t. They’re completely different paradigms. And even the next paradigm will meet dissolution as we continue on the journey. We learn by changing, which begins with a willingness to explore and thus change evolves. It couldn’t be simpler in many ways, but letting go into new realms has been conditioned against, violently. The constructs of society, especially in this highly engineered age of techno-fascism, are relentless in their pursuit of containment and control. We are forced to judge “normalcy” by carefully manipulated “standards” that, once conformed to, begin to reinforce themselves. On a mass scale this then becomes a form of voluntary enslavement.

Don’t fall for it. In fact, you won’t be able to much longer anyway. The entire ball of wax is undergoing an unstoppable transformation whether it likes it or not. Empowering and thrilling for some, completely disorienting and even terrifying for others.

Why not just go with it? Let go and enjoy the ride! It’s the solution everyone’s been waiting for, but it requires our willing participation to allow its creative magic to work more efficiently and effectively.
Translating Vibrational Change

Whether this knowledge and experience embolden you to speak out against the control system as well as help co-create these wonderful changes or not is everyone’s free choice. I share what I’m perceiving and try to nudge and inspire as many as I can, as a growing number of others are doing. We can stare at the maniacal matrix and its wicked workings all day, but positive solutions abound and are there for the harvesting. Activating vibrationally to this paradigm shift makes it manifest and accelerates its effect on everyone and everything.

If you’ve ever seen those musical demonstrations where one string or vibration sets off others around it to vibrate at the same frequency you know what I mean. Only here we’re talking about a much deeper, even quantum level of, vibrational transference. It manifests in changed lives, resonating thoughts, awakening mental and spiritual awareness. If plants and animals respond to music, how much more the human spirit to the music of the spheres and fundamental cosmic vibrational change?!

All we have to do is throw the switch!

I’ll leave you with this inspiring and enlightening video about our amazing fractal holographic universe and the role sound and frequency play which highlights this vibrational change we’re undergoing that’s well worth the watch.

Much love, Zen
Pythagoras – Sacred Geometry
The Fundamental Programming Language of the Holographic Universe”

see http://wakeup-world.com/2014/11/11/allowing-the-vibrational-change/

“For over 25,000 years the Universal Truth was not available to the people of this planetary system. It is now finally being received on this planet. Deep seekers of the truth that are open minded and ready will receive it.”

About the author, Zen Gardner:

I have questions. Life is wonderful – full of amazing wonders that continue to unfold. My quest for truth has given me new perspectives which lead to well springs of information that continue to inspire awe and wonder at the world we live in. Dare to explore and see what leaves you… just wondering. Love Zen.

Connect with Zen at zengardner.com

“The hourglass is almost out of grains…”

Pamela Sloughqueen image credit
Pamela Sloughqueen image credit

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All Saints Day (After All Hallowes Even)

cherish every memory, love every moment, embrace every possibility
cherish every memory, love every moment, embrace every possibility

´¨)¸.•´¸.•´¨) ¸.•¨)
(¸.•´ (¸.•* ♡ .•°*✫”¸.•°*✫°• ✫”• ✫ ¸.•°*✫”• ✫ Blessed *´¨)¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨)
(¸.•´ (¸.•
♡ .•°✫”¸.•°✫°• ✫”• ✫ ¸.•°*✫”• ✫ Hallowe’en

The Meaning of Halloween

Halloween (All Hallow’s Even or “the holy evening”) is celebrated October the 31st, forty days after the Autumnal Equinox on September 21st. The symbolic “forty days” are known in all ancient religions, just as everything else about Halloween comes from esoteric traditions. In this image, we see Jonah and his pumpkin gourd: one of the sources of the Halloween symbolism.

“The light has to shine in us in order see what we have within, and for that we have to put a candle in the middle of our brain. We need to put the light there, and that light is precisely related to our own particular Ruach Elohim that is always hovering upon the face of our sexual waters of chastity.

“By learning how to sublimate the sexual energy towards our brain, the Ruach Elohim (which the bible named Abraham, Chesed, the Spirit that everybody has within) makes light in us. Chesed means mercy. When Chesed, the Ruach Elohim starts floating above the creative waters, our sexual waters of creation, is when Elohim says, “Let there be light” in our heads and the light shines in our pumpkin. Then, when the light is illuminating our brain, it is when we start seeing monsters, our own evil creations.

“When people enter into this doctrine they all of a sudden feel tired of being attacked by devils, monsters, vampires, thus, they state that this doctrine is no good. What they do not realize is that the attacks that often they are receiving and seeing is their the outcome of their own creation. They see their own negativity: the demons that they carry in their minds. Understand, when God begins making light in the darkness, we are the darkness; when God says, “let there be light” it is then when we start seeing what we really are.” – Halloween, Jonah, and the Gourd

Learn more:

Lecture: Gnostic Mysteries – Halloween, Jonah, and the Gourd: Audio * PDF * Lecture Transcription

Article: Mysteries of Halloween*

Kabbalah Studies online (link misplaced; credits to follow)

The patriarchal traditions subligated pagan festivals into modern traditions, and this one is of course now called “All Saints Day” in which the ancestors of times gone yonder are reverred for their legacies….

To all those who have connections beyond the veil of this life, and honor the ceremonies related to the dead ~ be blessed at this Hallowed (sacred) time.

“Thin skins” can be very penetrable or sheer – go easy on yourself, and gentle on others.

Twilight magic comfort you in the cape of darkness and rebirth.