Half a century!

One of my best friends turned 50 today! Yeah. How’s that for a legacy…. half a century indeed!

SO strange when life mirrors to me, just how I (and those who surround me) am getting “old”… or perhaps, “older”, is a better word.

In celebration for this milestone reflected to me in the periphery of others in my life… I hereby submit the turning of seasons and find myself located in the great festival of this time of year!

Samhain / Hallowe’en / All Saints Day, 31 October / 1 November, coming right up!

Here is a lil sharing for the “witches” out there, who have nothing better to do or require a revv up on inspiration LOL!


Witch Camp
Boot Camp

It is time.
In this, the twilight of the year,
it is time to come together,
not just with each other
but with yourself.

It is time to feel the moon pull and live the starshine.
It is time to go deep and realign.

It is time for Witch Camp.

Maybe you are laughing a bit at the word witch. Or maybe you are nodding seriously.

A witch is simply a woman who knows herself and her place in the cycle of the seasons.

Do you?

Will you?

Witch Camp Boot Camp—
Samhain to Solstice:
Maia Toll

Your chance to follow the path of Persephone
and explore your own inner world.
Your opportunity to write your own Book of Shadows
‘cause, news-flash: you can’t buy it on Amazon.
You can only live it and record it.
It is your shadow story
written in your own hand.
It is your take on diving deep
mucking about
and turning
your dross
into your gold.

You have (always) wanted this…
because it is

I can’t hand this to you in a booklet or speak it to you in a lecture.
You must live this
every day.
51 days…
Samhain to Solstice.

Are you ready?

Join the Program!

are committed to being present with yourself, writing a bit about it each day,
and rediscovering your inner voice.

am committed to giving you weekly guidance and focus, suggested experiences and experiments…
maybe a virtual hug or maybe a bit more mystery.

What’s Involved?

Ritual & Writing


This is how we will explore the seasonal work of change.
(Yes, just like the trees and the flowers, you have your cycles and seasons.)

I will give you weekly rituals and daily writing prompts.
You will do the work.

Note: The writing is for you alone, but we have a lovely private community forum where you’ll be able to share your insights and support each other through this process.

(Wisdom doesn’t come from doing nothing. It comes from disciplining your powers of observation and honing your mind into a tool.
It comes from being with the doing, over and over.)
Maia Toll

Why Ritual?

Ritual is thought made manifest. It allows you to express in the world what you feel deep in your heart. And when you don’t know what you feel, ritual offers a path of gentle exploration that allows your true self to surface.

Why Writing?

The act of writing, picking up pen and putting it to paper, connects you with the right side, the intuitive side, of your brain.
It offers a path on which your heart can walk with your head.
It allows you to reveal you, to you.
(If you are not willing to commit to daily writing, this program is not a good choice. And if writing doesn’t speak to you, you may want to check out the programs at SoulLodge, where they do the same type of work but use painting as the path to expression.)

Join us to:
* explore the myths of the season
* step into the discipline of regular ritual supported by others who are doing the same
* explore your own shadows, so you can write your own magic

$89 (less than $2 a day)
Maia Toll

Come explore your soul.

… the stars began to burn
through the sheets of clouds,
and there was a new voice
which you slowly
recognized as your own,
that kept you company
as you strode deeper and deeper
into the world…

— Mary Oliver

Park Your Broom
There’s more… if you want more.

Here’s where the magic really happens.

Join the Wisdom Circle.

This small group (I am only taking 7 people) will work weekly to deepen your dive and hold space for your healing.

The Wisdom Circle will meet virtually from 2-3:15pm on Fridays throughout Boot Camp.

(Yes, you may have to work to make this time slot work for you. We have women in our circle from Helsinki to Honolulu and I needed to find a time when everyone would be awake.)

Each witchy woman in the Wisdom Circle will have a week where she holds the talking stick, which means you will have a week in which the group’s energy and focus is on you, creating a vortex to support you becoming your truest, healthiest self.

I have been facilitating these circles for years and they are pure magic. The energy of the group catalyzes change while holding you in gentle light and love.

Everyone in the group taps into their own wisdom as well as getting to tap The Circle’s wisdom for individual support.

You will learn to:
* hold space
* tap into your own wisdom
* create a healing program for yourself and others

If you want to deepen your Boot Camp experience,
join the Wisdom Circle.

And if you are thinking this might be for you, consider if you are really ready to be active and present. These circles thrive on participation; if you are not willing to step up and out, this isn’t for you.

But if this is for you…
get ready for an awesome ride that will begin as soon as you say “Yes!”

Investment: $497
(use the pull-down menu under the product description and click Wisdom Circle)

And, finally, for those of you wanting a bit more support:

Join the Wisdom Circle and add on 1:1 time with Maia.

That’s right—you get the wisdom of the circle plus some special time and TLC (or your very own kick in the derrière) from me.

We’ll do 2 follow-up calls after your week in The Circle’s center.

Plus I will be sending you a Toolkit for Transformation: a box of goodies specifically chosen and blended for you and your needs to support you as you do your healing work.

Investment: $997
(use the pull-down menu under the product description and click Work with Maia)

(Space is limited to 7 in the Wisdom Circle, so please don’t hesitate if this is calling to you.)

Pull out your brooms, ladies, and I will see you at Boot Camp!

Maia Toll

What’s Inside the Program?

In the shadow of the year, we journey together, Samhain to Solstice, making moments for study and reflection, divination and dreaming.

Witch Camp Boot Camp
Program Landing Page
Witch Camp Boot Camp
Wheel of the Year
Witch Camp Boot Camp
Moon Worksheets

Join the Program!

Witch Camp is a lively and engaging safe space where real connections happen!
Victoria S.

This is a wonderful place to find myself. Thank you campers & staff for sharing and being part of this magic.
Katie S.

I am having a blast learning about the herbs we discuss as well as enjoying the community of women and men who have come together for this learning experience.
Paula T.
This program will begin on November 2 – Don’t miss it!
About Maia Toll
Maia Toll

About a decade ago, I spent a year apprenticed to a wise, witchy, herbal woman in Ireland.

It was beautiful, and terrible, drenched in history and intuition and everyday magic. It fed a longing in my soul that I had been walking around with my whole life.

So I started teaching what I had learned. I called it “herbalism”, but it was more; it was deeper. This restorative, mysterious thing I taught (and still teach)—this thing that has no name—builds communities, salvages souls, and brings deep comfort, roots and connection.

It heals wounds that we don’t even know need mending.

This way of being is not something that can be learned through a hard-core weekend, accompanied by drumming and eating vegan food.

It is a compilation of small life lessons learned by everyday people in the midst of their everyday lives. There is no “one huge revelation.” In fact, sometimes it all seems so benign—hardly mystical at all—until the epiphanies come.

But those epiphanies? They only come if you dare to take action, share a story, try a new food or are bold enough to chat up some local greenery.

This is not a path for the passive. This is a path of daily (or somewhat daily!) practice. It’s about doing and being.

I can’t fail to mention, both as inspiration and warning: My students tell me that from the minute they sign-on to work with me, things start shifting. Join me in shouting to the Universe: YES!

See You at Witch Camp!
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See you out there 😉 magical rides to you, too !