survival – Heritage Day – phoenix from the flames!


pic courtesy Tracy Verdugo.

Today is Heritage Day in South Africa. As a nation, people are encouraged to “braai”… (barbeque)… how vegetarians interpret that cultural invitation, is debatable.

Heritage Day, South Africa.

What is the legacy we perpetuate?

Given South Africa has been deemed “the rape capital of the world” (see R a p e Outcry stats for more information ) – I can only speak out on the following counts, to what must CHANGE* –

“Rape really is a way of killing a person, but then asking them to get up afterwards. So it’s a way of stealing one’s spirit, but you’re supposed to somehow keep going.” (Salamishah Tillet)

Awareness is key in promoting a different future. I pray that comes about in my lifetime and that of my children… may they be seen, AND heard!

May we South Africans – and all people of the globe – find more resilient ways to cultivate a legacy of being “unbreakable”… And So It Is.

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