Twilight Rain



out of fear we try
very often to push
our-self to become
very quick fixed.

we want to see,
and let go
and release it.

we don’t give our-self
the time to completely
allow life to express it
self in the fullest.

but the ladies out there
know when we are walking
the path of the wolf
we are here to howl.

we are not here to
walk the pussycat-walk.
living as an angel
on a little white cloud.

we are not here to
get lost in the romantic
idea how life should be
and of course
we are clear that
there is no prince
out there who is saving us.

we are hear to listen
to the broken-heart stories.
and we are here
to realize the gift
what is in this
broken heart,
and that our path is
to share this gift.

we are not here to stay
in the pain and in this
fucking-past-mind stories.

cause all the time
when we are in a drama,
its because the little
girl inside us is calling.
and than it is time
to listen to her, to
embrace her,
and to tell her
now we are here
to take care.
no daddy, no bad
man, no cold mother
can hurt her anymore.
because now there
is this beautiful goddess
and you went through
all this pain what
life gave to you.
you did it all,
you mastered it all
and you are still
here alive.
and you are spreading
your gift. you are
helping the world,
to become a better place.
you are here to show
how a kind heart works.

you are here to
be who you really are.

so yes… roar when
it is time to roar.
when anybody wants
to give you bullshit,
also when you self
give you the bullshit
of being something
better than you are.
pretending and
talking like books
teached you,
or some images of
being the perfect
understanding women.

stop faking yourself
and others… ok?

you are a mess.
we all are. don’t
try to walk around
like you got it all.

you are addicted,
you are jealous,
you are scared to
loose, you are in
fear not being good

so yes. all this
is an aspect.
and we have to accept
this weak parts,
this sweet wild
shadows also.

so scream and shout
when the moment is
there.. and than come back
to silence…. remember
the essence of who you are.
feel the presence like
an endless ocean..
and your emotions
are dancing on him
like little sexy waves.

hear the call and
be ready to take it

you have time.
so much.

stop running after
something in the
what never ever
makes you feel

your lover
is always
with you.

maybe it feels
like dying. but only
when you are ready to
die you can life.


by Moksha Devi Sunshine


to be







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