Arrow II

Arrow II

Today, Arrow died.

He was our guardian wolf dog, cross husky hound with German Shepherd blood. One blue eye, one brown.

The warrior at our gates.´¨)¸.•´¸.•´¨) ¸.•¨)
(¸.•´ (¸.•`

He was a young male, devoted and attuned – ever willing, curious, dedicated – deliberate with his interest and perpetual as loyal.

It was unexpected – he swerved beneath the car’s back tyres and the driver never saw it come.

He and Lola, our female husky, were running beside the road to wave the children goodbye on their way to school. (He always did want to come – wherever – too).

Apparently he instantaneously died. Just ran out from behind the car, hobbled on one paw, then lay down and departed.

No sound, no screech, no surrender – just quietly put down his life.

Carried to a better grave, by the men in our community – aside the young ones, sad in heart.

We laid him to rest alongside the Venus Room, so named our Hall venue, gathering place for ceremonial events and communal times.

Together we offered gratitude and blessings for the value of Arrow’s life, and the welcome of his Spirit as a Guardian now in thresholds beyond.

To those who stood alongside, who shared this transition – thank you for your care.

To my family, and friends, and community – broader than the dimensions of one, lone life… Ndiyabulela (“my deepest gratitude”) for the honoring of what was, and sacred holding that remains.

Our container in this instance, the grave. United through his death…

We stood in silence, and mirth… in circle, laughing as we remembered the fun times together with this faithful companion.

And then, bearing witness to the cold, stone dead body – wrapped in blankets, leaves and treasures – beside him in his grave…

Arrow wrapped in silvery, pink, flimsy ribbons, lovingly placed with streamers to honor his Time; even a panty, from the little girl’s basket, which Arrow loved to sneak off with and chew on as a pup!

Herbs, branches, crystals, smoke and salt…

The picture grows full in the immensity of our love…

A clear, calcite sphere to embody the release with our conscious embodiment, him facing the Mountains, North and gazing far beyond…

Present time – breathing the fullness – ebb and flow – serene and soft… tears welled, and truths now spoken…

We hold what remains in our hearts.

Ever onward, this sometimes clumsy and awkward, lesson-filled journey, this Life. Death, a part of it all.

#Cherish the moment, relish in the sanctuary of friendships, of love resident within the spaces of it All.

While this ceremony ended, the Medicine Wheel remains – strong and steadfast… Arrow’s drinking vessel placed at the centre of it all.

As the rains fall, so will we harvest the waters and share in our remembrance, this new garden, planted amidst the seasons and cycles of dear Arrow’s short-spanned life.

Always, in gratitude, with blessing, and accepting Grace at the Eye of the Storm…

Arrow… we thank you for all the good times, and the trying ones, too.

…For etching your signature onto the legs of the benches, and into our baskets, and cultivated garden soils.

…Your wide smile and fierce heart live on in our memories.

We love you – Sweet Dreams Beloved Companion – now in the Beyond.

Rest in Peace, ´¨)¸.•´¸.•´¨) ¸.•¨)
(¸.•´ (¸.•`
precious Arrow II, Guardian Dog of Kuthumba –

6 January 2013 – 4 February 2014, EarthTime.


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