Sabbatical 1/11

Sabbatical 1/11

News is that I have given notice at my Thesen Harbour Town work venue (Knysna), and am relocating my space to our permaculture homestead in the rural Crags (Plettenberg Bay).

This brings a return to the garden, on every level.

Aptly, this weekend – up the road from our eco-reserve of Kuthumba – there is a Permaculture Festival, organised by a local bunch of artistic and co-creative geniuses, in love with the beautiful earth and serious about saving our planet. I count myself in!

This marks my entry into Sabbatical… 1/11/2013.

Writing, Research, and my Medicine Woman walk will be at the central hub of my life; the sacred hoop or medicine wheel forms the structure of all I do.

It all sounds so simple, and easy – but is it so?

only time will tell.

In the meantime, as I enter the twilight in this sacred hour of Hallowe’en (All Hallowe’d Eves), Samhain or the churches festival of All Saints Day, November 1…

I bless all those who fill my life and with whom I am honored to fill part of their lives alongside –

and in remembrance of All those who have gone before, who Light the way… my Grandmothers, my Grandfathers, for all my relations, the ancestors who have paved the way from the richness of King, then lineage as Saint, to Priest, and Chief Magistrate among men…….

may this waking wild woman find her form, in the freedom of Being, as part of a new earth. Amen.

A blessing brought to awareness by the newly joined Circle to which I belong:

“On this night, the velvet curtain draws closed and all around us, Spirits of our Beloveds embrace us. I honor those who have gone before me, clearing my path with their wisdom and love. I honor those who are with me now, guiding me and teaching me the sacred ways. And I honor those who will come after me, leaving a magical legacy they can follow. On this night, I give thanks for [insert name of ancestor(s)] and remember him/her for the love he/she gave. May his/her memory live on in me, through me, and so it is.”


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