Oh Fortuna…

Oh Fortuna...

Oh Fortuna…

Grace us with your abundant blessings of goodness, prosperity and benevolence.

We are worthy to receive

With gratitude

We allow your wonderful, healing grace

the Wonder of Childhood – and the Magic of 7!

the Wonder of Childhood - and the Magic of 7!

♥ the Wonder of Childhood – and the Magic of 7!

Today is my precious, beautiful, magical and wonder-full girl child’s birthday… My Sophia Rose Isabella Martin is 7! ♥

In Steiner-aware circles, this marks the entry into a different stage (the second stage) of life… where the feeling-sense predominates. ♥ In this era of childhood, the heart forces are vulnerable to exploitation or abuse, and guarding with grace and discretion is the job of parents, community and teachers.

I wish my beloved daughter the absolute best for her Life…

Shine, as only you can, Sophie-Rose! Amongst the world of butterflies, mermaids, ballerinas, princesses and fairies… shimmer and sparkle with the stars, already visible, twinkling in your very own eyes… our Fifi… we love you. Always ♥

“Kind hearts are the gardens

Kind thoughts are the roots

Kind words are the blossoms

Kind seeds are the fruits…

Take care of your garden and keep out the weeds

Fill it with sunshine

Kind words…and kind deeds…”

EFT @ DeepLiving.com

This morning I received the most wonderful surprise in my inbox…

My EFT Level 2 certification!

Bennie Naude trained me in EFT during November and December 2012, and since then I have completed my exams and case studies, to be met in a very short time with the delightful news that I am qualified!

So to celebrate my joy, gratitude, and share some of this tremendous blessing which EFT practice has brought into my life… I am posting about Bennie Naude’s website, his trainings and resources, promoting his work in the world – and all those of us who do this beautiful “tapping” dance in life!

Bennie has a wealth of experience, and travels the globe sharing his expertise and skill with many participants eager to learn from him… His style is accessible, warm, welcoming and deeply inspirational!

Bennie Naude also does many webinars and online events, so be sure to catch one of those ASAP!

I have registered for the advanced training with Bennie, as I choose to learn as much as possible first hand from this masterful practitioner. EFT has helped me more than words can describe…

Check out http://www.deepliving.com?ap_id=rainspirit to find out more now, especially if you have never heard of EFT, or think “does that mean, Electronic Funds Transfer”? What can THIS technique do for my life?

I truly hope you find your way there soon. Visit http://www.deepliving.com?ap_id=rainspirit today. You can only feel refreshed and blessed if you do so…

And should you wish for a session, you can experience this in person or via phone / skype, too.

See Practitioners section on the http://www.deepliving.com?ap_id=rainspirit website.

Be inspired! I know I am. http://www.deepliving.com?ap_id=rainspirit Love life, tap into resilience TODAY!