Bernie Prior, CosmoForm 21/12/2012

“21 December 2012 is about opening enough power of  the Most High in our own universal consciousness to make a connection with the body, where old patterns lift up without identification and distraction and simply transmute. We will notice a huge shift in consciousness after 2012. We will no longer experience the pain body as being personal – it will be inter-personal. In coming together in the creation of a new field of human awareness we empower the transformation of karma or past patterning to come right up into the Godhead for the Godhead to transform – on a universal scale.”

“During the period  21 & 22 December do the movement as much as possible (e.g. on the hour every hour or more) and from the 23rd onwards three times daily until New Year’s Day.”

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“I have been experiencing a lot of judgment coming to the light recently.
What is judgment from a higher perspective?
Judgment is your ability as consciousness to truly see what IS. It is not actually judgment – it is just ‘seeing’. The judge is simply the belief that you are a separate sensed individual, the belief that you are a body mind entity.  While you believe this, your mind judges what it sees mentally, emotionally and physically.

Actually you are a divinity and you are the one and only essence of all things in any universe. Thou are That.

If you look from a higher level, right now, you will see there is no judgment in what you see. You are seeing as Conscious Awareness, a profound state of pure seeing. From that pure seeing you will see the development of a blade of grass to a human being to a star system. You see it because you are that One; you are the conscious intelligence that all this is appearing in. That is True Seeing.

Develop your ability to see as your true essence – all judgment will fall away.

Mind, emotion, will and intellect will all shift up to ever finer levels of union and you begin to see that actually it was never You judging,  but the lower levels of body-mind you were operating as. The level of seeing of a body-mind is what we call judgment but actually it is just seeing at the only level it can perceive at.

These lower levels are not judging – they are just ‘doing that level of seeing’, until ‘You-Consciousness’ change that by entering this life more profoundly and more deeply. Judgment is ‘lower levels of mind’ and as you keep stepping up and stepping up you will see the highest level of mind doesn’t judge, it knows.

Your body-mind is an apparatus. The more you consciously become who you truly are, the more the mind becomes an incredible instrument of the divine – and so does every part of the human body. You access ever deeper places of real alive essence.

Move as That and you become alive as That, move as That and You as That will transform the whole of humanity, because this body-mind is definitely connected to every being that has a body on this planet.  What you do will gift a change or higher resonance to the entire human intelligence.

Everything then is stepped up. It is literally a rebirth of a human being.

You become a universal human being.

That is the next level that I believe humanity has the potential to move in.”

go to Bernie Prior. org


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