Venus transit, 6 June 2012

Venus Orbit

Last night, with the transit of Venus approaching… I was driving home late – and there thrust on me a massive, unexpected, whirlwind, brazen rain-storm…

Lightening flashed while thunder shook the skies… creating a kaleidoscopic wonder-light of mysterious, almost-embryonic embrace.

The gods were among us once more.

Wind striking hurricane pace, blistering my tracks as the highway turned raging river… rain gushing  sheets, walls of sheer liquid in frenzied array…

My heart as fulcrum – creating a virtual safety net – crystalline, golden orb – weaving life in tact… sphere of radiance surrounding me securely, welcoming the eye of the storm.

Calm and serenity reigned; my cup overflowed, tasting Grace as the holy grail.

Vehicle un-driveable, unstoppable, cascading on – cocooned in awe…

Crawling at snail pace, centred in awareness through the streaming Nature of it all…

Silver streaks the only trail; caterpillar to butterfly eclipse the only trace!

Sensing the awakening and stirring from within – my mind as camel crossed through the eye of a needle, threaded from the palm of God.

Ah! what a numinous moment, now etched in my memory, stirring with embodiment… delicate, fragile awareness – freshly ground in the loop of time…

Wings unfurling gently, arising as phoenix from flame.

All the fractured fragments now forming fractals, coalescing in an alchemical blaze;

Such a majestic, star struck, auspicious breath for this new-born,

Gift of Presence full in the waning moon…

Perfection experienced amidst God’s handiwork – now orbiting amongst the stars;

Shadows flicker, the only mark of progress –

She has made her transit ascend on the disc of the sun.

Venus is in her orbit.


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