The Venus Transit (part 1)

(frm Sharron’s blog @ Candylwood store)

The Venus Transit

I sit poised at the start of this blog with ink on my fingers, thoughts buzzing in my head and warmth in my heart. I really hope the words land on the page in a way that truly expresses the grandness of this rare and special cosmic alignment. It is huge; it stretches all the way across space to a place in the Universe I am not certain even exists. It spreads across time, through years and seasons, the extent of its influence indeterminable. Scientists say it is the rarest and most exciting of all celestial events and provides an opportunity for new discoveries.
     To convey the profound significance is daunting, but start I must and the best way would be to set the scene. The diagram below (obviously not to scale) shows an alignment between the Sun, Venus and the Earth, perfectly lining up with the centre of our galaxy. To amplify the intensity, the Moon joins the alignment in a solar eclipse and a lunar eclipse on the 20th May and 4thJune 2012 respectively, moments before the Venus Transit on the 6th June.

     This once in a century affair happens in pairs, eight years apart. The other half of this particular pair occurred on the 8th June 2004. The previous pair was in 1874 & 1882 and the next one in 2117 & 2125.

     Two themes symbolized by this Venus Transit spring to mind – Values & Relationship.


~ Self Value – the condition of personal self-worth

~ General Values – all things upon which we have placed value


~ with self (physical body, emotional self, intellect and spiritual self)

~ with others (love relationship, family, work, neighbours)

~ with money

~ with nature

  The job of the Venus Transit and all eclipses really, is to assess misalignments. In a world of frenetic distractions it is easy to go off course, to make financial or relationship choices that do not align with that orb of truth at the very centre of our beings, our core. So often, when trembling with fear at the thought of the unbearable pain of losing a loved one, we make choices that lead us away from our hearts.    
     Sometimes the blind terror of material / financial failure causes us to take decisions that don’t align with personal truth. There are times when we are caught up in powerful ambition, the exhilaration of success or when we are dizzy with power we so easily go off course. But during eclipses and rare Venus Transits we can get back on track.
     The relationships and values that do not align with the orb of truth deep in the belly, will creak and crack and if we do not change the shape of the relationship or the job or the financial dilemma or the life activity it is sure to split apart and land in pieces at our feet.

A Time to Question

During the eight-year period between the two Venus Transits, we have questioned, examined and analyzed what we most value. We have looked at everything and everyone in our personal worlds. Everyday challenges or life experiences have shown up the misalignments like a dirty stain on the front of a shirt. We can only pretend for so long that certain relationships or situations are fine before they crumble under the scrutiny.
     The shadow becomes the indicator of the misalignments, revealing how far we have gone off course. It is the messenger. The question though, is do we listen to the message or block it out with loud music or even louder opinions?

o   Deceit – the tattle tale of poor self-respect

o   Trickery – the messenger of what is not true

o   Overindulgence – the barometer of greed

o   Betrayal – the courier of irresponsible actions

It is the questions that lead to research that ultimately lead to understanding:

Do I spend too much money?

Do I love enough?

Do I think too much?

Do I think enough?

Do I feel enough?

Do I pray enough?

Do I spend enough time in the garden?

Do I play enough?

Do I work enough?

Do I have enough?

Do I touch enough?

Do I eat too much?

Do I care enough?

Do I walk in nature enough?

Do I have too many things?

Do I learn enough?

Do I exercise enough?

Do I spend enough time in silence?

Do I pause enough?

Do I respect myself?

Do I respect the natural world?

Do I respect my talents?

Do I respect money?

Do I live with passion?

Am I inspired enough?

Am I creative enough?

Am I special enough?

How important is money?

How important are my relationships?

How important is my relationship with nature?

How do I want to spend my time?

How do I want to make my money?

How do I want to grow?

How much of myself do I want to give?

A Time to Understand

During the eight years we pondered and argued the ways of the world and searched and searched for the way to walk lightly, the way to love and the best way to show respect. The research of scientists made its way to the minds of many through the likes of Al Gore and the many documentaries on global warming. And slowly we begin to understand. We understand how in naivety we made decisions that took us far from a personal truth; we understand the reasons for inappropriate behaviour and we forgive.

The Flood of Love

During the Venus Transit, Love and a Creative Force flood our hearts and our minds. There are no corners to turn, no angles to negotiate, no obstacles in the way. We have direct access to an overwhelming amount of love and the most beautiful creative energy in the Universe – it gushes in, flowing in abundance, straight into our beings. Hopefully during the eight years of questioning and research we cleared out enough of the old stuff to make space for the surge Venus LOVE.
    Ancient teachings brought to us by various leaders and teachers, like Dr Emoto, have revealed the secrets of healing and creating. They say the use of the forces of love, gratitude, respect and forgiveness heal the physical and psychological bodies, and will fix damage to the earth. These are the forces of Venus. LOVE, GRATITUDE, RESPECT & FORGIVENESS flow straight into our hearts and minds and we have the chance to create a new way to live and a new way to love the world.   

The Tools

o   Thought

o   Power of the Mind / Brain

o   Words – spoken and written

o   Story

o   Communication – verbal and telepathic

o   Breath

o   The Hands

There is so much more to write on this alignment – the rarest of all celestial events, but this blog is getting terribly long so I think it best to round it off for now. I shall further explore the use of the creative forces of Venus in the next episode.

It would be lovely to create special moments in these two weeks leading up to the big event. Take time to use thought creatively, touch with the hands, deeply breathe in the love and compose words to inspire.

With awe and much excitement,

Sharron (and a lot of input from Clifford).


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