“waking wild woman” is singular, yet plural… it is about me, about you – about us.

The emerging deep feminine within all, needs to be made more visible in the world.

This site is intended to encourage, empower, and enliven precisely that process.

On the level of a forum, this site exists to encourage all people especially survivors of trauma to speak out – be bold, wild, succulent and express their authentic voice with grace and freedom, to connect more fully without and within.

This applies as much to myself as it may to you… macrocosm, microcosm.

I too am seeking creative, colorful platforms to express myself more fully, and access the awareness and awakening of embodiment, in all forms especially human!

My hope is to provide a space which holds the sacred and mundane in balance and wholeness, with a creative, fun-loving flair!

Especially important to me, is to provide a resource base in which women, men and all people affected by violence, gender issues, abuse, trauma, and an impoverishment of freedom on any level, can awaken to “more” presence – that the dross can turn to gold… an alchemy of the living Spirit, the Tikkun Olam – or healing of our soul.

I will list networks, websites, books, authors, links, and strategies to generate self empowerment and awareness, in the hopes that together we are stronger, more able to re-spond (rather than react or remain victims) and triumph over any troubles that have eroded our lives. A new wave of support…

Envisioning success, building resilience, enlightening our load, enlivening our body-mind-soul-spirit selves, is all part of the task! Hopefully this will take place with inspiration and joy, a growing wellspring of regenerative, uplifting, restorative healing energy and love.

Gratitude defines my every day, and this site is born of that blessing… which I wish to share with the world. May our mutual support be received.

Carpe Dieum, Namaste, Aloha, Le Chaim and C’est la vie!

Rainbow Love

from this waking wild woman

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