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Clarissa Pinkola Estes writes “Wildlife and the Wild Woman are both endangered species.

…Healthy wolves and healthy women share certain psychic characteristics: keen sensing, playful spirit, and a heightened capacity for devotion. Wolves and women are relational by nature, inquiring, possessed of great endurance and strength.

They are deeply intuitive, intensely concerned with their young, their mates and their pack. They are experienced in adapting to constantly changing circumstances; they are fiercely stalwart and very brave.

…The predation of wolves and women by those who misunderstand them is strikingly similar.

…Like a trail through a forest that becomes more and more faint and finally seems to diminish to a nothing, traditional psychological theory too soon runs out for the creative, the gifted, the deep woman.

Traditional psychology is often spare or entirely silent about deeper issues important to women: the archetypal, the intuitive, the sexual and cyclical, the ages of women, a woman’s way, a woman’s knowing, her creative fire.

…the goal must be the retrieval and succor of women’s beauteous and natural psychic forms.

…The tracks we all are following are those of the wild and innate instinctual Self.”

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“waking wild woman” is singular, yet plural… it is about me, about you – about us.

The emerging deep feminine within all, needs to be made more visible in the world.

This site is intended to encourage, empower, and enliven precisely that process.

On the level of a forum, this site exists to encourage all people especially survivors of trauma to speak out – be bold, wild, succulent and express their authentic voice with grace and freedom, to connect more fully without and within.

This applies as much to myself as it may to you… macrocosm, microcosm.

I too am seeking creative, colorful platforms to express myself more fully, and access the awareness and awakening of embodiment, in all forms especially human!

My hope is to provide a space which holds the sacred and mundane in balance and wholeness, with a creative, fun-loving flair!

Especially important to me, is to provide a resource base in which women, men and all people affected by violence, gender issues, abuse, trauma, and an impoverishment of freedom on any level, can awaken to “more” presence – that the dross can turn to gold… an alchemy of the living Spirit, the Tikkun Olam – or healing of our soul.

I will list networks, websites, books, authors, links, and strategies to generate self empowerment and awareness, in the hopes that together we are stronger, more able to re-spond (rather than react or remain victims) and triumph over any troubles that have eroded our lives. A new wave of support…

Envisioning success, building resilience, enlightening our load, enlivening our body-mind-soul-spirit selves, is all part of the task! Hopefully this will take place with inspiration and joy, a growing wellspring of regenerative, uplifting, restorative healing energy and love.

Gratitude defines my every day, and this site is born of that blessing… which I wish to share with the world. May our mutual support be received.

Carpe Dieum, Namaste, Aloha, Le Chaim and C’est la vie!

Rainbow Love

from this waking wild woman

The Venus Transit (part 1)


(frm Sharron’s blog @ Candylwood store)

The Venus Transit

I sit poised at the start of this blog with ink on my fingers, thoughts buzzing in my head and warmth in my heart. I really hope the words land on the page in a way that truly expresses the grandness of this rare and special cosmic alignment. It is huge; it stretches all the way across space to a place in the Universe I am not certain even exists. It spreads across time, through years and seasons, the extent of its influence indeterminable. Scientists say it is the rarest and most exciting of all celestial events and provides an opportunity for new discoveries.
     To convey the profound significance is daunting, but start I must and the best way would be to set the scene. The diagram below (obviously not to scale) shows an alignment between the Sun, Venus and the Earth, perfectly lining up with the centre of our galaxy. To amplify the intensity, the Moon joins the alignment in a solar eclipse and a lunar eclipse on the 20th May and 4thJune 2012 respectively, moments before the Venus Transit on the 6th June.

     This once in a century affair happens in pairs, eight years apart. The other half of this particular pair occurred on the 8th June 2004. The previous pair was in 1874 & 1882 and the next one in 2117 & 2125.

     Two themes symbolized by this Venus Transit spring to mind – Values & Relationship.


~ Self Value – the condition of personal self-worth

~ General Values – all things upon which we have placed value


~ with self (physical body, emotional self, intellect and spiritual self)

~ with others (love relationship, family, work, neighbours)

~ with money

~ with nature

  The job of the Venus Transit and all eclipses really, is to assess misalignments. In a world of frenetic distractions it is easy to go off course, to make financial or relationship choices that do not align with that orb of truth at the very centre of our beings, our core. So often, when trembling with fear at the thought of the unbearable pain of losing a loved one, we make choices that lead us away from our hearts.    
     Sometimes the blind terror of material / financial failure causes us to take decisions that don’t align with personal truth. There are times when we are caught up in powerful ambition, the exhilaration of success or when we are dizzy with power we so easily go off course. But during eclipses and rare Venus Transits we can get back on track.
     The relationships and values that do not align with the orb of truth deep in the belly, will creak and crack and if we do not change the shape of the relationship or the job or the financial dilemma or the life activity it is sure to split apart and land in pieces at our feet.

A Time to Question

During the eight-year period between the two Venus Transits, we have questioned, examined and analyzed what we most value. We have looked at everything and everyone in our personal worlds. Everyday challenges or life experiences have shown up the misalignments like a dirty stain on the front of a shirt. We can only pretend for so long that certain relationships or situations are fine before they crumble under the scrutiny.
     The shadow becomes the indicator of the misalignments, revealing how far we have gone off course. It is the messenger. The question though, is do we listen to the message or block it out with loud music or even louder opinions?

o   Deceit – the tattle tale of poor self-respect

o   Trickery – the messenger of what is not true

o   Overindulgence – the barometer of greed

o   Betrayal – the courier of irresponsible actions

It is the questions that lead to research that ultimately lead to understanding:

Do I spend too much money?

Do I love enough?

Do I think too much?

Do I think enough?

Do I feel enough?

Do I pray enough?

Do I spend enough time in the garden?

Do I play enough?

Do I work enough?

Do I have enough?

Do I touch enough?

Do I eat too much?

Do I care enough?

Do I walk in nature enough?

Do I have too many things?

Do I learn enough?

Do I exercise enough?

Do I spend enough time in silence?

Do I pause enough?

Do I respect myself?

Do I respect the natural world?

Do I respect my talents?

Do I respect money?

Do I live with passion?

Am I inspired enough?

Am I creative enough?

Am I special enough?

How important is money?

How important are my relationships?

How important is my relationship with nature?

How do I want to spend my time?

How do I want to make my money?

How do I want to grow?

How much of myself do I want to give?

A Time to Understand

During the eight years we pondered and argued the ways of the world and searched and searched for the way to walk lightly, the way to love and the best way to show respect. The research of scientists made its way to the minds of many through the likes of Al Gore and the many documentaries on global warming. And slowly we begin to understand. We understand how in naivety we made decisions that took us far from a personal truth; we understand the reasons for inappropriate behaviour and we forgive.

The Flood of Love

During the Venus Transit, Love and a Creative Force flood our hearts and our minds. There are no corners to turn, no angles to negotiate, no obstacles in the way. We have direct access to an overwhelming amount of love and the most beautiful creative energy in the Universe – it gushes in, flowing in abundance, straight into our beings. Hopefully during the eight years of questioning and research we cleared out enough of the old stuff to make space for the surge Venus LOVE.
    Ancient teachings brought to us by various leaders and teachers, like Dr Emoto, have revealed the secrets of healing and creating. They say the use of the forces of love, gratitude, respect and forgiveness heal the physical and psychological bodies, and will fix damage to the earth. These are the forces of Venus. LOVE, GRATITUDE, RESPECT & FORGIVENESS flow straight into our hearts and minds and we have the chance to create a new way to live and a new way to love the world.   

The Tools

o   Thought

o   Power of the Mind / Brain

o   Words – spoken and written

o   Story

o   Communication – verbal and telepathic

o   Breath

o   The Hands

There is so much more to write on this alignment – the rarest of all celestial events, but this blog is getting terribly long so I think it best to round it off for now. I shall further explore the use of the creative forces of Venus in the next episode.

It would be lovely to create special moments in these two weeks leading up to the big event. Take time to use thought creatively, touch with the hands, deeply breathe in the love and compose words to inspire.

With awe and much excitement,

Sharron (and a lot of input from Clifford).

Hope for the flowers!


a post from the Candylwood store blog… on the Venus transit (part 2)

Why Retrograde?
In the second episode of the Venus / Sun saga, I search for the relevance of Venus in retrograde whilst she crosses the disc of the Sun. The mere reputation of a retrograde planet can provoke mild panic as things are known to break down or go wrong. So why is Venus retrograde during the rare and exciting alignment, this moment of pure love and opportunity to create all things wonderful?
     A retrograde phase of any of the planets is not only to cause breakdowns or to retrace our steps through past choices, decisions and experiences; it is also a time to turn inwards, to look inside. It is a time to pause, not only to reflect but to be completely still, to hibernate and to wait, it offers relief from the ever-pressing, onward push to action, the almost desperate need to do, to make, to solve, to act, to go, to build, in the constant striving for achievement.    
     Many years ago I had a very bad motor car accident, one that forever changed my life. Hospital was my home, a wheel chair my mode of transport and paralysis my way of life for months on end. A dear and wise friend gave me a book that would alter my thinking and give me hope for a life beyond my wheelchair. Hope for the Flowers, written and illustrated by Trina Paulus, is a tale, partly about life, partly about revolution and lots about hope. This story stayed with me all the years after the accident and this week as I scratched my head in search of the significance of retrograde Venus, Hope for the Flowers once again jumped off my bookshelf.
     This lovely story perfectly portrays the meaning for which I was searching and I hope the telling of it throws more light on this ‘once in a century’ alignment. It is about a caterpillar called Stripe who lived in the tree in which he was born, munching happily on leaves. Stripe soon became bored, so climbed down the tree and went in search of more than a life of leaf-munching. He came upon some caterpillars who were hurrying along at great speed. Stripe felt a surge of excitement and joined them. They soon arrived at a tall pillar of caterpillars all frantically trying to reach the top. Stripe believed that the ‘something’ he was looking for was at the top of the caterpillar pillar, so he began the long climb. It soon was evident that unless he was as ruthless as all the other caterpillars he would not make it, but being a kind-hearted chap, he tentatively stepped over fellow caterpillars but when this did not get him very far, he turned a blind eye and kicked one in the face and booted another in the stomach in the push to the top.
     When he was about half-way, Stripe began to question whether in fact, there was anything at the top. It was at this point that he met a little yellow caterpillar. They made friends and tried for a while to climb together but their hearts were just not in it so they stopped, held tightly onto one another as the others trampled all over them. They did nothing for some time and soon were back on the ground.
     Stripe and Yellow made home in a beautiful meadow, they played and ate and loved each other – life was great. But after a while Stripe grew restless, the secret at the top of the pillar was too irresistible so he left a very sad Yellow in the meadow and once again joined the other manic caterpillars in the pile.
    Yellow was desolate without Stripe and crawled to the bottom of the caterpillar pillar every day in the hope that Stripe would come back down but each day she walked away in sadness. She knew there was more to life but she also knew it was not to be found by kicking and trampling others in the pile.
     One day Yellow stumbled upon another caterpillar  spinning a cocoon and after much discussion she learned about butterflies. She took a leap of faith and began to spin her own cocoon. She was not without fear and anguish that she would lose Stripe forever and argued back and forth but in the end she decided to take the risk and become a butterfly.
     All the while Stripe climbed the caterpillar pillar. This time he made no eye contact and climbed with focus and determination and when he was one layer from the top he looked around. There was nothing up there, no magic secret to life, no discovery, no indication of his life purpose, no achievement at all. And then a beautiful yellow butterfly flew by. It hovered in front of him and when he looked into her eyes he could hardly bear the love.
    Stripe turned and climbed back down the pillar. He tried to tell others there was absolutely nothing at the top, but no one believed him, shrugging it off as sour grapes. He returned to the meadow where he had lived with Yellow but she had gone and he slumped down in exhaustion and fell asleep. He awoke to the soft flutter of the yellow butterfly. She gestured for him to follow her and showed him the cocoon. It was the love in her eyes that made him follow. He watched as she climbed in and out of her old cocoon and slowly he began to understand. He knew what he had to do …. and Yellow waited.
     Hope for the Flowers is about a whole range of life experiences and when it fell off my book shelf, I just knew it held the clue to the mystery of Venus in retrograde. I am certain that in years gone by, like Stripe we have gone in search of more, chased an elusive dream and climbed a few caterpillar pillars ourselves. They too led to dissapointing dead-ends and we then had to retrograde back down the pillar and back-track though choices and decisions before trying a new path to a destiny more aligned with personal truth.
     An even more profound metaphor for Venus retrograde is the cocoon stage of Stripe and Yellow’s journey to becoming butterfliies. Whilst curled up in golden silk thread, theCreative Lifeforce and Venus Love will flow into our hearts and into our beings. In the same way that the lifeforce makes trees grow, hearts beat and turns a caterpillar into a butterfly, so will the flood of love and creative energy change the frequency of our feelings, thoughts and physical bodies.
     It is by turning inwards, it is in the patient stillness of the cocoon that the gush of love will work its magic. My search for the relevance of Venus in retrograde during her ‘once in a century’ cosmic event ended in the cocoon, that still place between the in-breath and the out-breath, that place from which life is birthed and butterflies emerge.

With love and hope for an earth full of flowers,

PS: After once again being inspired by Hope for the Flowers, I contacted the publishers in the States and ordered soft and hardcover books for the Candylwood Store. It is a story that uplifts, instills hope and has profound meaning even after 28 years. Should you want to purchase a copy, go tohttp://www.candylwood.co.za/store